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17 May, 2012

Evie: Six Months

Weight: 19lbs 14oz
Length/Height: 26.8
Eats: 750-950mL of breast milk / formula + 4-6 oz of pureed fruits, veggies, rice
Diapers: middle snap or unsnapped on cloth, size 3 in disposables
Clothes: 6-12 months (gap & old navy)  9 months (Carters, Target, & Gymboree) 12 months in any one piece sleepers

Firsts for Evie

April 12-15
Trip to Savannah

April 16
Sick Visit - Viral infection

April 26
Two Bottom Teeth!

April 27-29 
Trip to Nashville

May 3
Swing at the Playground

May 4-6
Trip to the Cabin

May 5
Used a sippy cup for water

May 6
Tried a Nilla Wafer


Rides in the stroller without carseat

Outgrew baby bath tub

Rolls over from back to front (finally, we have a roller!)

Eats: pears, apples, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and peas

Passes toys from hand to hand

Holds bottle for a few minutes

Can find pacifier in crib, though she gnaws on it instead of sucks

More controlled finger movement - can pick or scratch at a toy or other noisy surface

Turns to voices and noises, but has difficulty if they are behind her

Tries to hold on to us when she's being carried

Holds body up, bounces, turns, throws hands up when in ExerSaucer

Now has an excited squeal not just a frustrated grunt!

Getting closer to sitting up on own

Has own grown the BeBe Pod (legs are too chubby / throws herself back too hard)

Starting to learn her name

Likes to see herself in the mirror

Likes Bath time! Splish, Splash! I think we have a water baby on our hands

LOVES Sofie the Giraffe

Likes sitting in her ExerSaucer and watching the world outside

Likes having her diaper changed

Dislikes eating peas (can you blame her?)

Dislikes not getting enough attention

Dislikes loud noises like other people sneezing (especially me or my Dad)

Evie will graduate to her big kid carseat soon.  We're not ready to give up the bucket seat, but she's almost out grown it!

I asked the pediatrician about Evie having a difficult time with her afternoon nap and bed time, and she said it's probably because she sleeps 10-12 hours at night and because she's not getting held enough during the day now that she doesn't feed as often. She suggested we have purposeful snuggle time in the afternoons and evenings - and to savor it!

She was quite the traveler this month. She did great! We had a few rough patches at night, but given the lack of routine, the new places, and the long car rides we can't complain!

Has a pouty lip so big that a whole flock of birds could land on it.

She definitely takes after me: pensive, shy to new situations, observes the room.

Most of her liquid intake is formula these days. We try to work in 200-400 mL of defrosted breast milk if we can.

When I got sick this month I was on so many prescription drugs that I decided to use that time to ween from pumping. I'm down to once every few days just an ounce or two to get relief.  It was more heartbreaking than I ever expected. 

I've emotionally replaced pumping by making homemade baby food.  My need to create for someone is my love language.

Her day-to-day schedule is pretty much the same as last month, but we've added solids to her post nap routine.

She sleeps through the night 2-3 nights a week. Gets up for a quick feeding 3-4 nights a week.  And maybe has one "bad" night a week. By "bad" I mean she's up for an hour or so.  

What they say...
"You either get a sleeper or a napper, not both"
"She's totally a little Elizabeth"
"She has Eric's eyes"
"She's only six months?"
"Why are those giraffes like baby crack?"
"Still liking cloth diapers now that she's on formula & solids?"
"Is she always this happy?"

We are...
Finding it hard to believe we have a six month old.
Wondering where we are going to store all the retired baby gear / put the new stuff.
Loving our playgroup and playgroup parents.
Thankful to Anne for teaching us about disposable cloth diaper liners ;-)
Ready for the summer, the pool, and other fun adventures!
A little help, please, Mom.


  1. Oh my goodness....she is doing all sorts of big kid things, isn't she???  Wow.  

    And I am always surprisingly heartbroken when we stop nursing or using breast milk in some way.  I feel ya!

  2. Loving catching up on Evie!  Your blog is fantastic!  Great pictures/layout/links,etc.  Love it!


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