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25 April, 2013

She'll hate me for this later - Evie went poopy in the potty!

Sorry to interrupt your fine Thursday evening of blog reading and wine drinking.

I have an announcement to make.

My daughter. Seventeen and a half month old daughter.  Pooped in the potty tonight.  The events took place hours ago but I am beaming from ear to ear, still.

Let's rewind.

My daughter has been battling a constipation issue since she turned a year old. We can control it with diet but occasionally it gets out of hand if we've been eating out a lot.  Needless to say, the last five months or so we've had a lot of conversations about poop.  Stuck poopies. Hurt poopies. Are you going poopies?

She's also taken an interest in me going to the bathroom.  And now that she can open the door (hooray!), I often find myself interrupted by a little visitor wondering what I'm doing sitting in that tiny room.  So I've taken these teachable moments to tell her that mommy and Evie sit down on the potty to go pee-pee and poopy.

Aren't you enjoying this blog post?

Moving on.

So this week her poop routine has been a little off, but so has her daily schedule (the babysitter is on vacation this week so I've been home from work and we've been having fun play dates).  She still hadn't gone after her nap this afternoon and I was starting to get worried.

I made us smoothies for a snack and I guess that did the trick.

She came running over to me pointing to her belly and her bottom.

"Mommy! Poopies!"

Normally when she's really struggling to go she likes me to hold her and rub her back. So when she started pulling on my leg I thought that's what she wanted.

I tried to pick her up and she said "down" and then ran to the bathroom.

I don't normally follow her around the house but I was half curious to see if she was going to go find a diaper and sit on the stairs to go up to the changing table (she does this on occasion).


She ran to the bathroom.  She pointed at the toilet and to her bottom and said, "poopies".

I felt her diaper. She hadn't gone yet so I stripped her down and balanced her tiny bottom on the edge of the potty.

She looked me like, "now what?"


here's where it gets embarrassing for me

I started grunting.

And that, apparently, was all she needed to trigger a good push.

And plop.

Out came Evie very first poopy in the potty!

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