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02 May, 2012

What I Am Loving! {6}

I am loving how big my sweet baby girl is getting!  She is ready to take on Highlands, NC in her (new to us) back pack!

Baby Gap sales.  Yes, please!  Little Bit needed a few warm clothes for those cool summer nights up at the cabin.  She got this hoodie and pants for less than $20.  Her Braves shirt matches perfectly, too!

Oh Glowy.   I am loving Glowly this week because she always soothes Evie to sleep. It's a nice piece of home to take on trips and have Evie be comforted at bed time.  Life. Saver.

Eric's birthday was a few weeks ago.  We went to a Japanese restaurant.  They made him pose for a picture with this ridiculous umbrella and then 20 minutes later surprised him with a picture cake.  Bahaha.

Who doesn't love Choco Tacos?  Found one at a gas station in Macon on our way back from Savannah.  Had to have one.

The beautiful spring we've had here in Atlanta.  It's making me crave the beach.  I am so thankful we had the chance to go to Beaufort and Savannah.

I am also loving that we got a Sam's Club membership today.  I am not loving that they don't take VISA. Though it's probably good that I have to either ask Eric for the Discover card or get cash out first.  Just saying. (School supplies! In bulk!)

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  1. What a cutie! And that choco taco looks delish! Love those things!


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