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24 May, 2012

A Weekend in Nashville - Part 1 - Boobs, Shots and a Poop-splosion

Somewhere back in my delusional pregnancy-brain I decided that I wanted to run another half-marathon.  Ashley, Kathryn and I had been talking about the half in Nashville for about a year and finally got serious about planning the trip.   We each signed up and paid for the half-marathon.  All our talking was FINALLY becoming a reality.

Then I had my baby.

Then I realized how difficult it is to run with 38 K lactating chest.

Then I realized my size 8W running shoes were Way Too Small.

Then I came down with a 10 day viral infection that kept me from even doing my 2-3 mile walks.

But we paid over $100 for this race, we already had the days off work and a free place to stay.  Eric and I decided we were going to Nashville regardless.

We headed out first thing on Friday morning.

I spent over two hours Friday morning at my doctor's walk-in hours, waiting on a steroid shot and prescriptions for cough medicine, antibiotics, and an inhaler.  I was going to do this race, darn it!  Then I sat in traffic for 45 minutes because of a fatal accident on the highway between the doctor and my pharmacy. Then I waited 45 minutes for my pharmacist to get their act together.

And then FINALLY we hit the road....with a baby who hadn't pooped in three days, who was teething, and who had woken up that morning having discovered her pterodactyl voice.  You can probably imagine where this is going.

Fortunately our sweet little girl slept, talked to herself and played with Sophie the whole way to Nashville. However...

About 30 minutes outside the city we heard it.

...And we smelt it...

...And then we saw it....

Evie had a car seat poop-splosion.  You know, the kind that goes up to the arm pits and down to the ankles?  That kind.  The kind that you wonder how this 17 pound bundle of joy could possible produce so much, um, discharge?  That kind.  The kind that you're not sure if you should laugh, cry, or vomit?  That kind.

We debated stopping to clean and change her or just pressing on to the Packet Pick Up & Expo.  The mess wasn't on her hands or near her face so we decided to race (no pun intended) for Downtown Nashville.  Of course parking was scarce and traffic a nightmare....and I REALLY had to pee.  We paid the hefty parking fee for a sketchy spot near the Expo, snapped the carseat into the stroller and ran - postpartum bladder and all - to the nearest bathroom.

I dashed in to pee (aaah, sweet relief!) and find a changing table while Eric kept Evie calm.  I noticed a HUGE marble changing table with a sink and trash can.  Perfect.  I snagged Evie by her arm pits, held her an arms length away from me, and carried her into the rest room.

As I walked back into the restroom a group of women saw the mess and without words quickly unpacked the diaper bag, set up the changing area and started wetting about 150 paper towels.   It took the team of us to get Evie undressed, wiped down, and changed.  Poor little poop covered teething girl was screaming!  Ugh.

Meanwhile, Eric took the carseat apart and washed it in the men's bathroom sink.  Unfortunately, he didn't have a personal pit crew helping him.  Instead, he was greeted with a dozen weird looks.

Damage control was done.  We profusely thanked all the women who helped tackle Evie and we were finally off to enjoy the Expo...and the rest of our trip to Nashville.

Stay tuned for Part II :)


  1. What? No pictures of the poop-splosion?! Just kidding!

  2. God bless every mom like you out there! Seriously! And I can't believe how amazing these ladies were that helped you! Talking about women working together! Hope you have a much more relaxed long weekend! 

  3. Holy moly! What do you mean, "You know that kind where poop covers your whole child and her car seat!?!" Oh, how I wish to never experience this! :)

  4. HAHAHa! - OH my GOODNESS! I have to say that I chuckled the ENTIRE time I read this post... then I realized, this WILL happen to me too at some point! Thank God for those wonderful women who sprang into action to help another mama in need!


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