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19 April, 2012

A Day in Beaufort

Everyone needs a little no-reason getaway, right?  Eric and I have been trying to get down to the Low Country for quite some time to visit family.  A visit that was just for fun - no holidays, no parties, no agenda.

After a 4+ hour, uneventful road trip from Atlanta to Savannah on Thursday, our little family settled into the guest room at my brother, David and his wife, Pagie's house.  Evie was up screaming for over three solid hours.  Of course, the moment she finally fell asleep my nephew Zachary woke up screaming.  No rest for the weary.

Little did we know, this was the start of viruses attacking both of them.

Friday morning Eric and I waaaaay overslept, but still made it up to Beaufort, South Carolina in time for lunch.  It's about a little over an hour north of Savannah, halfway between Savannah and Charleston, right on the Intercoastal.  Some of the scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed there.  Cool, huh?

We arrived at Eric's great aunt and uncle's house.  They're like grandparents to him, since he only knew one grandparent for a few years.

We went downtown for lunch and a stroll.  Eric had shrimp, of course.  They catch it practically outside the back door.

It was a super sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky.  The perfect "don't notice the weather" temperature with a slight breeze.  Heaven on earth.

Spring was in full bloom. Our walk along the water was delightful.

Aunt Jo treated us to ice cream cones, and Evie to some snuggle time.  Eric and I walked back to their house to play cards but not without a stop at the Chocolate Tree first.  Two desserts in one afternoon.  Only on vacation!  

We also found a baby consignment shop across the street from Aunt Jo & Uncle Jim's house. I spent a few minutes sorting through the racks and snagged Evie an entire designer spring/summer wardrobe for only $45.

We had a relaxing visit and this Florida girl was ecstatic to see the water even just for a few hours.

Part Two of our long weekend is coming soon!

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