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01 May, 2012

They're Engaged! {Katie & Sam}

On our drive home from Savannah a few weeks ago I got a text message from Sam, my sister's boyfriend, and Eric's long time friend.  It's not unusual for Sam to text asking what we're up to for dinner, since we often do last minute things with them.

I didn't think anything of it, and replied that we'd be driving in from Savannah but would love to have dinner or drinks with them.  No reply.

An hour or two later Sam calls asking where exactly we were on our ride home.  We were still OTP on the south side.  Sam said it would be perfect timing because.....

He was about to propose to my sister and wanted us to join them at his parent's house for drinks to celebrate!

The detailed story is theirs to share, but basically, Sam proposed during a game of cards!  After they had a few moments to share just the two of them, they went over to Sam's parents where both of our families were waiting to celebrate!

We made it to their place just after the initial fun so I got these pictures from my dad :)

We are so excited to *officially* welcome Sam to the family!  He and Eric have known each other since Kindergarten.  They went to church, scouts, grade school, high school, and college together.  Shortly after graduation they ran into each other and got a job at the same office traveling together.  We joke that they have a common law marriage!

It's amazing to see how God's plan worked through all four of our lives to bring us together with our (future) spouses.

Congratulations you two! We can wait for all the memories and years of love to come!

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