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20 April, 2012

A Weekend in Savannah

Last weekend started with a Day in Beaufort with Eric's great aunt and uncle.  On Friday evening we drove back from Beaufort to Savannah.  We met David and Paige and their little man, Zach, out for Mexican.  I can never say no to queso or guacamole. It was an early night for all of us.

Saturday we went to Sunny Side Up for breakfast. It's a greasy strip mall dive, and a must every time we're in Savannah.  Zach enjoyed a side of toast but Evie couldn't get passed the delicious menu.

 After breakfast we took the kids back to the house for naps and we got ready for the day.  That afternoon we headed to the park for a picnic lunch.  The afternoon started out perfectly sunny, but ended up with a little sun shower.

David got called in to work, so we packed up and drove to downtown Savannah.  David went into the office for about an hour and the rest of us went to River Street for a stroll and pralines

That evening we had a cookout by the pool and watched the Braves game. (Oh how I miss live television!)  Paige and I stayed up late talking about the babies and our post-baby bodies.  It's been so nice having someone to journey through pregnancy with.

Sunday morning we made a tasty breakfast and went to Mass.  We grabbed Zaxby's Zalads on the way back to their house.  The kids played a little while we packed and the moment it was nap time we strapped Evie in the car seat and headed back to Atlanta.

It was hard to say good-bye to our little Godson, but since both babies were full blown sick by this point, it was time to head our separate ways for some good rest.

We got back to Atlanta just in time for some exciting news....

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