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21 May, 2012

Miscellany Monday {9}

Last night I walked in my apartment. Took out my contacts, brushed my teeth, and literally fell in bed.  Alarm set for 8.

I had to go to my parents this morning to pick up my baby girl because she fell asleep at my parents house in her party dress last night during dinner.

Poor girl was so exhausted, but I cannot complain.  She was a trooper and absolute joy during our insane weekend....

Thursday night Evie and I had dinner with my parents and nephew Zachary.

Friday Evie and I went shopping with my Mom and Zach.

Saturday I had a Confirmation while Eric took Evie to the Farmer's Market.  We had a 4th birthday party and three graduation parties for youth group kids followed by dinner at my parent's house.

Sunday we had brunch/surprise retirement party for my mom at my parent's house, followed by another graduation party (my cousin Steven's!), Mass, and then dinner with my cousin Kristin, who I haven't seen in about three years!

It's no wonder that little Evie fell asleep in her party clothes!

Today, Evie and I had a low-key day.  Lots of playing. Lots of bottle washing.  Lots of cloth diaper washing.  She and I snuggled and laughed.  Even though I was carrying her all weekend, I missed the heck out of our quiet play time the last 4 days.


I hope to get caught up on some long over due blog posts this oh, the rest of my Lent posts, our trip to Nashville, and some reader requested posts on cloth diapers!  And I got asked to do my first guest post in June!!!

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