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16 May, 2012

What I'm Loving! {7}

I LOVED Celebrating Mother's Day with my sweet little family. My Dad brought me flowers! Evie made me a little card and Eric gave me a gift card for a mani/pedi! Hooray!

Our Internet had been cutting in and out for sometime. We're not sure if it was the service or the hardware.  Either way, we are LOVING our new router and new service. For the same price per month we've doubled our speed!

We are LOVING our Sam's Club membership.  We've more than paid for the membership in our first trip. Sam's Club brand formula is half the price for twice as much.  Evie tolerates it well, so I'm happy!  Also, brand name Zyrtec is less than Publix brand.  And my vitamins are an extra 100 count for the same price as Target. We also snagged some pork roast, a 3 pack of organic milk, and a sack of avocados.  I feel like I stole something.

I am LOVING the good deal we snagged on Kelly's Closet this week.  Spend $29 and get a $21+ value diaper for free.  We needed more detergent and liners, which totaled $31.  We haven't used the new diaper yet (it needs at least 2 more washing) but this new to the market brand looks like it'll hold up as well as my favorites.

Speaking of liners and diapers, we are LOVING that Anne told us about diaper liners.  They are making formula/solids poo manageable.  It's essentially like a paper towel meets dryer sheet. It catches the poo and you flush the whole mess away.  They are worth every single penny.

I am LOVING that our nephew Zachary is in town for the week while my brother and sister-in-law are at a destination wedding in Mexico.  We can't wait to play!


  1. We are wanting to use cloth diapers for our little one due in September. All my friends kept telling me it would be awful once they start solid foods but those liners might help - thanks for letting me know about them. What are your favorite brands by the way? Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Nice post! I like the concept and I just may have to borrow it :-)


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