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10 May, 2012

It's Cabin Season!

This last weekend I was supposed to go to Dayton, Ohio for my cousin's graduation from my Alma Mater.  However, a little miscommunication on the weekend's details and before I knew it, airfare skyrocketed over $500 (pun intended).  I love my cousin, but we just can't swing a $500 plane ticket nor gas money for an 8 hour road trip.

Thus, we found ourselves with a free weekend.  My parents decided to take my nephew up to my grandparents' cabin for the weekend and we agreed to tag along.  It was Evie's first trip to Highlands, North Carolina.  She's only six months old and quite a little traveler.

She had fun playing in her Exersaucer, which we had to bring along. She loves that thing!  We even put it out on the deck while we sat by the fire.  She loved watching the embers glow.

On Saturday we drove up to Sunset Rock for a little picnic lunch.  It was very windy and a little chilly so we bundled Evie up in her hoodie. 

My mom had fun snuggling with Evie and Connor on top of the mountain.

Connor loved looking over the edge of the cliff.  "I can see the whole city," he said.

That night we had a delicious cookout and an early bedtime.  But not before I kicked Eric's butt in cards. This doesn't happen often.  You try having a card counting math nerd for a husband.

Sunday morning Eric and I snuck off to Mass and left a sleeping baby with my parents.  We picked up some boxed lunches (mmmm pimento cheese) and headed back to the cabin to pack up and clean.

Evie had her first successful sippy cup adventure while we were there.  And my mom treated her to her first Nilla Wafer.  She said, "That's what Nanas are for!"

This quiet, relaxing weekend was just what the doctor ordered.  It was nice to spend some quality time with my parents, husband, baby and nephew.  Looking forward to many more weekends up there this summer!!

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