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14 June, 2010

We're Still Ghetto: Elizabeth's Class Reunion

I think Amada said it best, "It's like we suspended reality and went back to college for 3 days".

It's true.  The moment I walked off the plane and into Amanda's Jetta with Beth tagging along in the front seat, it was like the last 5 years never existed.  We arrive in VWK, our sophomore dorm, where the 4 of us lived together and much to our surprise, even after a carpet and paint change, the place smelled exactly the same.  Like home.

Beth, Jess, Amanda and I rearranged the furniture to how we had the room set up back in 2002-2003 and without words, started getting ready for the Class of 2005 Party in the bathroom using our same mirrors, sinks and cubbies as before.

The class party was fantastic: a DJ, cheap beer, KU food, old friends and of course, games of flip cup EVERYWHERE!  It was so fun to visit with friends that I haven't seen since graduation...I was amazed at how little some people changed and how much others did.

Saturday morning was the Flyer Fun Run through the school grounds.  Campus looked fantastic!  It rained most of the run, but it felt refreshing in the 85 degrees with 99.9% humidity (Oh, Dayton).  After, we watched Friends in the dorm room while we got ready for lunch at Dewey's, our favorite pizza place, before shopping at the bookstore and touring campus.  Naps were needed before the "Porch Party."

UD provided a live band, tons of food, and mock porches for photos and for the band.  We partied with people from all generations - including teaching folks from the class of 1985 how to play flip cup!  The night ended short due to a terrible thunderstorm.

Sunday morning concluded the weekend with Mass in the Chapel with Fr. Chris and a great lunch at Penn Station (why can't we have one in Atlanta???).

As we were talking over the weekend, the girls and I were amazed at all the different places in life one could be at 27; single, married, married with child(ren), living at home, living the big city life, jobless, working in corporate management, still partying or put those days away.... I wonder what our 10 year will be like?

Anyway, the weekend was great to share with old friends and to suspend reality even just for a few days!  The girls and I are planning a trip for next summer, since we most likely won't have any mutual weddings to attend (like every summer since graduation)... We're thinking Vegas?

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