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18 September, 2010

Jackie's Surprise Birthday RoadTrip

A few weeks ago my sister called to ask what I was doing on Sept 14 and 15. She said she was going to tag along with my grandparents to go visit our cousin, Jackie, for her 21st birthday. Jackie goes to University of Dayton, where I attended school as well. My grandparents, though they live in Atlanta, are purebred Daytonians. My grandfather was even UD class of '56, his two brothers were class of '60 and my great grandfather was class of '22. Needless to say, UD has a big place in our hearts. Enough family history.

Turns out, my grandparents were going to spend more time in Dayton than Katie has time for vacations, so I agreed to accompany her on this surprise visit. A trip to UD, heeeelllll yeah! Jackie's birthday was on a Tuesday, which is perfect since that is my day off from work. I took a vacation day Wednesday and off we went!

Our trip was quick: a 7am departure, 3pm arrival. Showers. Surprise. Dinner at Francos in Oregon District. The Fieldhouse. Bed (for me, not the girls!). Wake up. Visit friends (me, not the girls!). Lunch at Marion's Pizza. Dessert from Dorothy Lane. 3pm departure.

My road trip rule: I must be in my destination longer than the roundtrip time spent in the car. And we spent 15.5 hours in the car to be in Dayton for exactly 24 hours. At least 20 of them were awake!! :)

All in all, the trip was AMAZING. Katie and I had a great time catching up, singing car songs, and filming our awesome video blog. Jackie was uber surprised. The food was excellent. The bars were just like old times. And the family love was over flowing.

Once again, happy birthday to our fabulously 21 year old cousin, JACKIE!

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