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24 February, 2011

Up where they walk, Up where they run, Up where they stay all day in the sun

It's the final countdown!

I just finished the last two mile run with the girls.  We went back to the place we did our first training run back in November (pre-ankle situation).  Rosemary even brought Sadie.  As we ran (and walked) we remincided over the last three months: where we were physically and mentally going in to the race and where we are now.

It's so great to look back and see the dramatic change for the better.  Katie and Rosemary looks great - super skinny these days.  And I can boast some really strong ankles and good looking calves :)  As for Amanda, well, she has some screws in her twist and has traded her cast for a splint.  Anxious to see how Caitlin is doing!

When we arrived at the river to do our last run, we were all gleaming with the little treats we'd picked out for each other for the weekend.

Rosemary had our running shirts that we had made for us, along with Epcot passports, Clif bars, and a Disney Princess CD for the car.  I found Princess Silly Bandz.  Katie had matching bandanas for us.  Also, not pictured, are the pink 13.1 bumper stickers for our cars (the real reason we're all doing this!) and hair bands that Rosemary included in her treat box.

Well, folks, it's time for me to pack my bags.  Amanda's plane lands in an hour and a half.  Katie should be here late tonight.  Sleep over!!!!!

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