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13 February, 2011


I had a nice little Saturday. I mean, who doesn't start their day cheering for a 10k and end it by going to Monster Jam 2011? C'mon.

First of all, yesterday was one of the prettiest days we've seen in Atlanta in a while.  I do believe it was 55 and sunny. Mmm, Spring is in the air. Right? ?!?!

Katie and Rosemary ran the Chattahoochee Nature Center 10k along the 'hooch in Roswell.  The course was no more than three miles from Eric and I's place, so I met the girls to cheer them on.  They CRUSHED their goal times by several minutes.  I mean seriously, these girls dominated!  Just two weeks until Disney, and they are SO ready.

We finished the morning with some yummy French press coffee, French Toast, and BACON! Mmmm
Aren't my pink polka dot PJs cute?

The rest of my afternoon spent catching up on computer work for my on-line class, icing my ankle (I failed to mention the parking lot, packet pick up, and start line were a good 2 miles round trip), and picking out my outfit for....

MaMaMa-MOoooooooNnnSTeeeeeeeeeER JAAAAaaaaaaaMmmmmmmm

I always had some secret desire to go to Monster Jam and last year my dream came true.  We went with some of Eric's friends and yes, it was everything I dreamt of and more!  So this year, I asked Eric if we could go again.  And he surprised me with tickets for Christmas.  Amazing, I know.  The tickets included a group of friends to go with us as well.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for the Falcons), the Falcons made it to the play offs and the original date for Monster Jam was postponed to this weekend when Eric was out of down. While that meant Eric couldn't go, Sam could go in his place.

The group of us dressed up in redneck-ish attire and tailgated (off a BMW) in the parking garage. The crew drank some classy Natural Light, Four Loko, and Mike Harder Fruit Punch (in a can!) and chowed down on Publix subs, chips and salsa, and marble cookies.  Off we went to the Dome for

MaMaMa-MOoooooooNnnSTeeeeeeeeeER JAAAAaaaaaaaMmmmmmmm

The lap races (they go over those little ramps & do two laps)

I believe this is Iron Man (Iiiirrrrrrooonnn Maaaaannnnn) after crashing in the freestyle portion

The show was pretty good, but I was disappointed that the trucks kept shutting down.  Not a mechanical failure, but rather the computers in the trucks would reboot (lame).  But this resulted in every post-run interview to sound something like the Brian Regan bit where he says, "And If I couldn't do that...I was going to have to shut her down" "Of course you were going to have to shut her down! What options did you have?!?!"  

Oh yes, I've included this for your listening pleasure (please ignore the random cartoons)

So of course we kept yelling "SHUT HER DOWN".  Classy.

The night concluded with us post-tailgating with DeerPark water and cheddar popcorn, before we tackled traffic (of course, it's always a good idea to schedule something at the Convention Center, Philipps arena AND the Dome at the same time, Atlanta) and then headed to the Fred.  Yes, We went to the Fred dressed like this:

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