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24 February, 2011


While I work for the church running the middle school youth group, Eric volunteers for the high school youth group.  They usually have planning meetings on Wednesday nights, but one Wednesday a month is dedicated to the adult volunteers socializing.  Eric has stepped up and coordinates most of the activities.  We usually share a meal, but sometimes it involves an activity. For example, last month, we went out to dinner and played trivia.  We won second place and therefore won some housecash.  In turn, we "raffled" off the housecash to one person at the table for them to use on a date night or another fun return trip.

Last night we went to Sweetwater Brewing Company in south Buckhead. This was perfect for me since I had the Foursquare special which Eric and I both used. Two WHOLE dollars off our night!

Pardon this blog post for this commercial interruption (no I don't get a kick back, I just love foursquare that much):
Click to add Sweetwater to your Foursquare to do list   Look at me all techie and nerdy.

So the crew met for drinks and the brewery tour.  Fun and relaxing as usual.  The weather was PERFECT so we enjoyed a good hour on the patio soaking up good conversation and drinking up delicious libations.

Eric and the laaaaaaadies: Liz, Me, Eric, Natalie, Mandi

the newly expanded patio

And then we went back to Buckhead to meet the rest of the crew for dinner.  The Sweetwater "tours" are from 5:30-7:30 which is very difficult for those who work in north Alpharetta to make it there on time.  Hence why the two youth ministers, the SAHM and the nurse..along with my husband who can never miss a party...were the only ones who made it to Sweetwater.

Ten of us met for dinner at Varasanos.  While I'm throwing around Foursquare links, here you go:   We split three salads, five specialty pizzas (including my favorite, which included arguala and lemon), our two free desserts (thanks to foursquare), and two fried doughs.  Very delicious Italian style pizzas, salads, and desserts.  Clean and fresh tasting.  Love it!  Excellent conversations were both lively and deep, helping us learn so much about each other, which is the whole purpose of these nights.  And before we knew it, it was 10:30! And we still had to drive back to Alpharetta...

Such a fun night out with this crew.  I am so thankful they include me as I love getting to know them.

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