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04 February, 2011

Joshua Radin in Concert. Hello, Love!

Last night I went to see Joshua Radin in concert at Center Stage with my lovelies, Sarah and Rosemary.  But first I had to battle TWO HOURS of Atlanta traffic to pick them up.  It is was they call a "wintery mix"  and by "mix" I mean it was simultaneously raining, hailing, sleeting and snowing.  My mind is blown thinking about the science of it all..

Moving on.

We had dinner at Versano's in Buckhead I guess it was?  Near Piedmont Hospital / along the route for the Peachtree Roadrace. We had a scoutmob  for 50% off of delicious Italian pizza, caprese salad and fried dough with legit raspberry sauce.  Oh my heavens.  Fat and happy we rolled ourselves back into the wintery mix and headed to Center Stage in Midtown for the concert.

Now, one may say that Rosemary is OBSESSED with Joshua Radin.  As in, she's been to three of his shows in two states in the last four months.  You decide the level of obsession.  I've at least heard a few of his songs, more on that later.  And Sarah has maybe heard one or two.  So suffice it to say, we were more along for the ride, and Roe was driving the train.
The man himself

And then.... He walked on stage.  And Rosemary was right.  You go weak in the knees.  You obsess over his biceps and triceps.  And his voice melts away every worry you've ever had in life.  His lyrics take you on an emotional roller coaster of love, healing, break ups, new romances, and just being with your one and only.  *sigh*

Rosemary's Daydreams....
And then he sat down and sang us a love song.  There might have been 200+ swooning twenty and thirty somethings having a moment.

Elizabeth, Sarah, Rosemary
As you can kind of see in the background, the stage was set with their assorted percussion goodies, vintage furniture, and a dozen lamps.  It only added to the romance and homey feeling of his concert.

No clue who this guy is?  That's okay.  I first heard him on Grey's Anatomy in 2006 with his song "Fear You Won't Fall"  It kind of summed up a relationship I was in at the time and it became one of my favorite songs.  I lost track of him over the last few years, but when Eric and I were looking to find a last dance song for our wedding reception, I stumbled across his version of Fly Me to the Moon.  Sold!  Then, when I met Rosemary we discovered our mutual affection, though, her's is like 1090893428743 times more than mine (at the time! haha!) and she got me hooked up with the latest CD.  It's been on repeat since last night.

 His CDs are a little overproduced - I think to appeal to a broader audience.  But his voice in real life is so raspy and sexy.  Adorable.  His musicians are super talented.  At points they were playing 2+ instruments at a time.  In a world of such mass marketed and mass produced shows, this was a refreshing taste of raw talent.


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  1. i am not so sure it was the raw talent you enjoyed...


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