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18 February, 2011

1 Question Fridays: Why Eric Bikes (to work)

I don't just ride my bike to work, I ride it to the farmer's market, grocery, church, and even an air show.  I'm not sure where to start with why I ride my bike so much.

Maybe I should go with environmental reasons because being "green" is certainly in right now.  I hate the term "green" and that it is trendy.  Forget that!  I believe I have a responsibility to respect God's creation and I don't think pollution is a great way to hallow God.  I'm going to stop here before I get too negative.

I should probably have started with economic reasons (seriously is anyone seeing a trend with these Friday question posts).  Because I bike to work and all of those other places, we have been able to lower our car insurance to the lowest mileage per year insurance.  While that is certainly part of it, we have been able to save more by saving about a tank of gas per month.  With gas prices climbing, that adds up to some good money.

Georgia Southern Sprint Triathlon T1

Georgia Southern Sprint Tri Bike Course

I could have started in chronological order and told you the first reason that I started biking first.  Biking is a great way to stay in shape. I didn't start out riding to and from work, but just doing exercise rides.  Then I figured, if I'm biking anyway I might as well be productive (go figure, me, productive).  That started trips to the farmer's market and then to work.

As I did those more regularly, I purchased an old touring bike from my boss and began fixing it up with parts from my racing bike.  Once I rebuilt the "new" bike, I sold the "old" bike and components to recoup all of the costs.  Doing all of the work by myself forced me to learn to maintain the bike, saving us more money, not just in the transition, but by with never ending free maintenance.  How many of you can maintain your mode of transportation all by yourself?

Lastly, I love to experience the world with all of my senses.  On a bike you are exposed to the elements whether it be beautiful spring weather, torrential downpours, bitter cold, or a nice breeze on a sweltering day.  You smell the BBQ or french fries as you pass restaurants and just how damaging automobiles are for the environment.  You take in the beauty of mountain vistas or the unseen surprises that are so easy to pass in a car.  You can hear the squawking of birds, the roar of traffic, or nothing at all.  You can even taste the air whether that be those french fries or the exhaust of a truck or the new dew of spring or the dirt flung up by the car or biker in front of you.

Enjoy your ride!

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