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06 February, 2011

Connor. My Baby Love

Friday night Connor came over to play while Alex worked on his appetizer dishes for my mom's surprise party the next night.  Eric and I entertained Connor.  Alex cooked.  Connor got really hungry so we made...  "smachand cheese"

Some people call it "mac and cheese"

I had the pleasure of following around his little mind with my camera.  Here are just a few of the precious moments...

smile for uncle eric!

Smach and cheese!


playing with something on my end table

Love those eyes!

he's got the key and key hole concept down. too bad they don't match!

love that he knew this was a "mouse"

love that face


  1. wow, spitting image of Alex!!! so cute!

  2. it so depends on the day. sometimes he is identical to Deirdre. either way, he melts my heart. He's getting so close to saying my name too :)

  3. i swear this is the CUTEST kid to have ever walked the earth.


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