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09 February, 2011

My List of Airports

I've started working on my list of "30 before 30" - a take on the 101 in 1001.  As soon as I'm done with that list I'll post it.  One of my items is to add three new airports.

As of January 1, 2011 I have been in 35 airports.   Five were added in 2010.  

I take pride in this list because I am not a business traveler.  All but one of these trips have been for fun (one was a work trip, but it was a fun work trip!). Tampa, Atlanta and Dayton have been considered my home airports for a few years each.  I flew to Atlanta pretty regularly to visit my grandparents before I actually moved here.

Air Travel Memories

Most precious airport:  
San Juan Isla Grande (it looks like the set of Wings)

Scariest airport:  
Toss up between Rome pre-EU and Managua. I'll go with Rome.

Atlanta. Duh.

Debate between Vieques and  Key West.  While Key West is a double wide did have a baggage claim. Vieques was a little bigger, but you carried your bags on and off.

Best Cinnabon:  
Dayton Airport

Best Hotdog: 

Toss up between Heathrow, Indianapolis, and Phoenix.

Most proud of:  
All three of the "London" airports in one vacation :)

Most Random Memory: 
Being stuck on a plane at the gate out of Boston on Super Bowl Sunday and the flight attendants bought all 19 of us a few dozen donuts. The flight only cost me $29.

Best Memory
When my flight from Cincitucky to London was delayed to the point where I was put on a direct flight, and given my own row of seats and a bottle of wine.  Oh, and some guy on my flight asked me to dinner before our departure.  He was also going to visit a significant other at Oxford.

Worst Memory:  
Throwing up in the galley bathroom on a transcontinental flight while the flight attendant held my hair.  I have five other stories that are pretty similar.
Though the time I sat in coffee was pretty awful, too.

Fun fact about flying with me:  
I say an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be the second we start speeding up for take off on the runway.  Nine times out of ten the plane takes off during the "....Holy Mary, Mother of God..."

Terrible fact about flying with me:
 I get so motion sick that I now wear a motion sick patch and have a bottle of emergency nausea medicine that is so strong it's what they give chemo patients for their nausea.

I like checking my bags.  I hate dealing with bulk.  In fact, I usually compare schlepping bags around the airport to the feeling of needing to go to confession.

And now for the list:

Mandi and I playing with PhotoBooth on our flight to AZ
Phoenix - 2006 

San Francisco - 2009

Denver - 1990-1993

Fort Myers - 2009
Jacksonville - 2008
Key West - 2007
Miami - 2007 (layover only)
Orlando - 2009
Tampa - 1990-2007

Leaving Atlanta
Atlanta - 1994-2011

Chicago - O'Hare 2005 (layover)
Chicago - Midway 2003?

Indianapolis - 2007, 2010

Covington aka Cincinnati - 2004, 2005

Portland* - 2011

Boston - 2006? 2011*

Detroit - 2004?  (layover only)

Minneapolis - 2004 (layover), 2008

St. Louis - 2000

New York
JFK - 1999  (layover only)
LaGuardia - ???? (layover only)

Dayton - 2000-2010
Columbus - 2005-2009, 2011

Memphis - 2000 (layover only)
Our plane to Vieques

Washington DC
Reagan 1997
Dulles 1997, 2004?

Milwaukee - 2010

Puerto Rico
San Juan - 2010
San Juan - Isla Grande - 2010
Vieques -  2010

Managua - 2010

Our Mission Group in Managua
Stansted 2004, 2006
Heathrow 2004, 2005
Gatwick 2004, 2005

Rome - 1999, 2006

Amsterdam - 1999

How many airports have you been to?  Just for fun?  For work?  Do you count layovers?  Got any good stories?

This is how Eric flies.  No fun.

*Added July 2011

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  1. I say a Hail Mary, Our Father and Act of Contrition when taking off...usually I lose my place in the Hail Mary.  


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