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24 November, 2014

Sweet Genevieve's Medical Adventures!

Our poor Evie Pie has been put through the wringer these last 10 days or so.  She has navigated it with such strength and calmness. I am so proud of her!

Evie has been slowly working on her potty skills but is SUCH a perfectionist. She freaked out last weekend; a full 45 minute tantrum about wanting to wear a diaper.  All commentary/methodologies/judgements aside, I caved. I put her in a diaper and didn't think much about it.  That night and the next night she threw up (once all over the carpet, the other all over herself in the car)

We're not sure if it was nerves or snot from her cold.  She stopped eating, only picking at her food for 3-4 days.  She was running a very low fever.  She was starting to pee in small bursts (she's normally a mega flooder when it comes to pee) and it smelled terrible.  And I realized she hadn't pooped in a week.

By Wednesday she was getting worse. She couldn't stand up.  She was hyperventilating from the pain in her stomach.  She would only lay on the floor curled up in a ball.
 According to WebMD she likely had a Urinary Tract Infection that was working it's way up to her stomach.

Thankfully Eric was working from home so he could keep Maggie. I picked up my Mom and she went with Evie and I to her pediatrician.

The pediatrician examined her and suspected the UTI, but was leaning towards constipation because she wasn't running a fever.  Since Evie can't/won't pee in a cup (I laughed out loud at the request because, OMG NO!) the Doctor gave Evie a catheter to check her urine.

Man, y'all, Evie was seriously a saint. She was whimpering quite a bit, but held very still and wasn't reactionary at all.   I had to turn my head to cry because she was being so brave. I was so proud of her.

The doctor's diagnosis was pretty severe constipation.  She gave us a list of home remedies to try: prune juice, Milk of Magnesia and a nice warm bath.

Twenty four hours later she still had no relief. We tried another round of those treatments plus others (I'll spare you the details).  And FINALLY. Sweet relief.

This had taken place over the course the week. Evie was finally eating again. Like five-waffles-two-eggs-and-bacon in one sitting.  She was feeling much better.

Cousin Zachary came to town so I sent Evie to the park with my mom and Zachary while I ran some errands and Eric was out helping his sister move.

They were having TONS of fun. My mom was texting me pictures....until...Evie fell down the stairs.

Normally you'd tell the kid to brush it off. But my mom called and said "There's B-L-O-O-D and lots of it"

And I knew exactly what happened.  Evie must have broken her lip tie (she has extra tissue that connects her upper lip to her gum. It also causes her front teeth to have a bit of a gap).  I rushed to the scene.  Her lip was so swollen I couldn't bring myself to check.

We went out to lunch and I brought her home for an ice pack and to check it out.  Sure enough it was broken.

Poor thing.  I remembered back at her 18 month check up that her pediatrician said it was out of her realm of knowledge and for us to seek dental care for it going forward.  So I requested some advice from friends and found Evie a dentist. (an irrelevant long story as to why we haven't been yet, but it turned out to be a huge blessing)

They were able to get us in first thing this morning, which was great so Eric could come with us on his way to work.

The staff at this practice was beyond incredible. It was very low key, which was perfect for Evie as she gets a bit overstimulated in new situations.

The dentist did a quick exam and suggested an xray. He wanted to check her palate and just to have a baseline of her teeth placement for the future.  Evie sat on my lap and wore the lead blankets no problem.  She loved seeing her xray on the tv after.   The dentist also used this new little video/camera wand to take some pictures of the tear.

He explained to us that the old theory was to surgically remove lip ties when the kids are young, but the orthodontists were having a hard time getting braces to move teeth around the scar tissues.  The new theory is to wait and see and possibly have the rest of the tissue removed during teenage years.  So that's where we are!

I was hoping to write her big happy 3 year old post this week but with so much going on, and so many doctors/dentist visits I wanted to get this up since so many of y'all have been asking about her.

We're on the mend and she's been so brave!  She's keeping us on track for having CRAZY Thanksgivings!  haha :)

Saying a few prayers that the rest of our Thanksgiving week is incident free!!!!

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