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15 November, 2014

Play Dough - And Trying to Be a Fun Mom

After I got burned by the Cloud Sand Disaster (still kicking myself for not thinking that through), I've been a little slow to do any more crafts at home.  I just see it as one more thing to clean.

I forget the value in time spent, expanding creativity, exploring new skills and making memories.

I wish I could say I had these great intentions in mind while making playdough with Evie, but I was driven by the fact that I HATE the smell of store bought Play Doh brand dough.  I took this time to channel my inner Mama Bethany (who is always doing fun, thoughtful activities with her children).

After digging through Evie's preschool parent handbook I found the play dough recipe they recommend and we got started.  (Feel free to copy this, Google will yield you the same information)

 Looks like mashed potatoes: check!
 Time to choose the colors.  Evie decided she wanted to make purple.  I took the opportunity to teach a color lesson.  You (supposedly) learn 20% of what you hear and 30% of what you see, but 80% of what you experience.  Why not EXPERIENCE how to make purple?!?!!??!
 Evie chose to mix the blue, so I mixed the red.

 And once we had blue and red, we MIXED and MASHED to get purple!
Evie still talks about this day and any time we see something purple she yells, "Mom! Red and Blue make PUUUURPLE!"

I am so glad I talked myself into this activity.  We'll probably do this again to learn about Orange and Green.

Side bar: after doing this activity, I thought "oh man, I could totally home school" -- but I just don't think I could do it for the long haul.  I really love having Evie at school for a little while during the day.  Anyway, topic for another day, but I thought I'd mention it.

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