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28 November, 2014

Thanksgiving Table - Katie's How-Tos

My sister hosted her very first Thanksgiving.  She had my entire family (10 adults + 4 kids), her husband's family (6 adults + 2 kids) over for dinner, games and pie.

She literally wowed each of us with her table scape looked like a page out of the Pottery Barn catalog.  The best part is that she didn't pay Pottery Barn prices for this look.

My sister was gracious to pull together the details of her table to share with us!  Use her ideas and tips for your Christmas table or future Thanksgivings!  Get out and get those deals :)

Macy's: Fancy pieces and candle: Last year's after Christmas sale. $25 total,  Also, Charter Club china (wedding gifts)

Hobby Lobby: flower holders, candle holders, and ornaments. Regularly $12 each. On sale for 50 % every thing Mercury glass because ... Hobby lobby.

Pottery Barn: Pumpkins, and all the candle pillars. Ranging from $20-60 each. All 30% off because it was "end of season". And additional 15% off because we asked.

Michael's:  Burlap table runner-- regular Burlap fabric. 5 yards long 1 yard wide. $9 after 40% off coupon from their website.   DIRECTIONS: Cut along 1 strand and frayed ends. Ironed. Bam! Burlap table runners made from stores can easily be $40+. Homemade was super easy, cost effective, and looks exactly the same.

Amazon: Silver napkin rings-  $5 for a set of 4.

Trader Joe's: Pumpkin place cards-- real pumpkins  (59 cents each). DIRECTIONS: Spray painted with chrome colored spray paint.  Hand cut tags from brown paper. And I wrote everyone's name on them with "thankful for_____". Tied them to the stem of the pumpkin with burlap string- from Michael's for $2 a roll. Would only recommend using real pumpkins if thanksgiving / dinner is soon. Some pumpkins started to break down since they were real. And now I can't re use them ever.

Crate and Barrel: Silver Chargers, Elizabeth's wedding present

List of everything: 
1 table runner 
1 roll of burlap ribbon
5 silver/ pearl twigs
2 fancy pillars
8 large candle pillars,
4 pumpkins
2 ornaments
7 votive holders 
3 mason jars
1 owl
Priceless: happy family members :) 

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