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05 November, 2014

Life's Little Blessings

Last week was a little crummy for us. Nothing is particular, just colds for Evie and I, whiney children, and other silly things that really shouldn't get me down.  The combination of lack of sleep, Halloween candy, and sinus pressure just put me over the edge.

Friday night I nearly lost it. I had to put myself in time out.  I hid in the closet (Eric was working from home so he had an ear out on the girls) to recollect myself.  Selfishly I prayed for just a little break.

Did I really need one?  No.   Did I deserve one?  Probably not.

But I had a series of tiny blessings over the weekend that rejuvenated me.

Saturday morning Eric's sister, Leeann, took Evie out for a special date. They went to see a kid's play downtown and then had brunch with Uncle Dan and cousin Luke.  Eric and I took the opportunity to power clean the house.  Oh my gosh, did that helped with the chaos!

Saturday afternoon I photographed the Baptism of sweet Max Boster. During this time I had the privilege of hearing the homily of a priest whom I miss dearly. From Facebook,

"I have barely finished uploading the photos but couldn't stop thinking about this one. Father gave an incredible homily on Baptism, Vocation and, of course, Theology of the Body. After the Baptism was over, the family was quickly scrambling to organize group photos. Baby Max was screaming and as I looked up there was Fr. Michael quietly rocking and whispering to Max.
To me this photo captures not only the sweetness of the moment, but also juxtaposes the fullness of our Baptism (priest, prophet and king) in the newly baptized and in one who is a shining example of his vocation."

 And then Saturday night Eric's good friend Katherine came to spend the evening/night with us.  She brought us the BEST gift:  She made dinner!  And did the dishes!  And emptied the dishwasher!  I mean seriously, it was the sweetest thing.  I was able to snuggle my babies and we still ate a delicious meal.

After the girls went to bed the three of us stayed up to watch the Notre Dame game and played a few rounds of Scatergories.  Y'all. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Katherine and I basically share a brain and were laughing so hard at all the similar answers we put.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast and saw Katherine off.  I snuck out to Mass....and it was so crowded...and it made me so grumpy.   I had to consciously shake it off because I didn't want to have that attitude to receive Our Lord.  The Eucharist was exactly the grace I needed.  I left Mass in a better mood.

We spent the afternoon as a family before I headed out for another photo shoot.  This time an engagement shoot for a friend's sister (who has become a friend!).  The couple is just so sweet, and so in love.  It was refreshing to see their lighthearted interactions. I just loved being able to capture this time in their life.

As I was driving home I reflected on the blessings of being a photographer; sharing the best moments of people's lives.

That night Eric had Mass and Life Teen so I took the girls to my parents' house for dinner.  Again, it was nice to have dinner prepared for us and a second (and third) set of hands to help with the girls.  My mom even gave Evie a bath!

When I went to bed Sunday night I was really awestruck by the little kind gestures all weekend. Together they made me pause and give thanks for the great people in my life.  And how God gives us exactly what we need, we just need to open our eyes to it.  Thank you to our sweet family and friends for the perfect weekend.

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