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10 October, 2012

The Real Story of How We Met The Second Time.

A little over six years ago I agreed to go to a Braves game with my friend Sarah and her then boyfriend slash boss.  She had four tickets so to fill the fourth seat she invited her friend Eric that she knew from Notre Dame who also lived in Atlanta to join us.

That day was really awkward and not suitable for print. (Please join me in laughing if you know the Real Story of How We Met The First Time. Or email me if you really want to know.)

Fast forward a month or two. It was now football season 2006. Since Sarah graduated from Saint Mary's at Notre Dame, she was hosting a Notre Dame game-watch party at her parents' (who, gasp, weren't home for the week) house.

I knew we would be drinking and staying up late so I made arrangements to stay the night at Sarah's parents' house. As I drove up to the house I saw Sarah sitting on the front porch with someone.  I couldn't see who it was, or even if the person was male or female.

As I pulled in the garage, as I was previously instructed, I pulled up next to a black Jeep Wranger with the top down.  

Be still my heart.

Time out for a little back story.  I come from a family of Jeep owners.  My aunts and uncles have all owned them, my grandparents have one at their cabin, and my best guy-friend drove one.  It is rite of passage in my family to learn how to drive a manual so you can drive the Jeeps.

Now back to the story.

I knew the Jeep was neither Sarah's nor her parents'.  I was instantly in love with this Jeep and therefore it's owner.

As I blindly walked from the garage around to the front porch I yelled over to Sarah and her mystery guest, "Whoever owns that Jeep, I want to have your babies!!" (Did anyone else use that phrase to express extreme "love" of something or was that just my group of friends?)

At this moment a brown-haired head popped up over the railing to acknowledge me.

It was Eric.

I was both humiliated and intrigued at the same time. While I had enjoyed my time with Eric at the Braves game and thought he was rather cute, I wasn't really interested in dating since my heart had just been broken twice in six months.

Gulp.  I blushed.  I am not usually so forward, or casual with expressing wanting to have babies with someone, even if it was a silly catch phrase.

That night something happened.  For the first time in my dating history a guy made the first move.

We had a great time hanging out at the party.  Eric followed me around a little bit, but wasn't clingy.  We made small talk. We partnered up for a few drinking games.  And he sat by me during the post Notre Dame game movie night.

At some point during the night (pre-drinking games) he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the Jeep.  I agreed.  I saw that it was a manual and commented that I knew how to drive it.  He made up some dumb cute excuse about not knowing the roads in the area so he asked if I wanted to drive.  Yes.  Duh.  So off we went cruising into the starry night.

We laughed.  Everything just seemed natural.  I felt normal and comfortable around him.  So when he called Sarah the next Friday while she and I were out and asked for my number I said yes with a little hop in my step.  A boy with a Jeep.

Well friends, that boy with a Jeep became a husband three years ago today.  And a daddy a year ago next month.  Jeep Wranglers aren't known for their safety or gas milage.  So with Eric's new job being so far away and our new house being an additional 5 miles (which in Atlanta terms means 25 minutes of traffic) from the high way, we needed something more economical.  And with moving we will not longer be at the crossroads of a highway and major thoroughfare, and therefore can no longer be a one-carseat-car family.

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, Eric sold our beloved Jeep in exchange for a daddy-commuter car.

It was the best thing to do for the environment, wallet and time, but Oh So Hard on our memory and emotions.  The Jeep was the spark that started it all....

Happy Three Year Anniversary, my love!!  I am so glad I met you (again) that day.  I love every little detail about you, including your weird pinky toe.  But most especially how you make me a better person, challenge me, and are my steady rock.  Thank you for all that you have sacrificed for me and Evie.  The car is merely a symbol of all that you have done for us.  I love you!!

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Join me in remembering our beloved Jeep... 
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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS.  All of it. YOU HAD HIS BABIES. 

    I'm glad you clarified that the driving was PRE-drinking. ;) Safety first. 

    What car did Eric end up getting that's a daddy commuter? 

    (And please tell me about the first time you met!! Ha.) 

  2. Eric bought a 2005 Toyota Matrix.  It is in incredible shape and low milage for it's age.  We paid cash, too!  YAY!!


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