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16 April, 2013

Our new high chair - travel ready!

***As I finished this I realized it sounds sales-pitchy. It's not. I'm just so excited about it! And since I love reading friends reviews of baby products I figure, HECK, I'll still publish it.  Enjoy***

We were blessed with an awesome hand-me-down high chair. It was from 1996.  The boy it belonged to is a junior in our youth group.  Seriously, the high chair looked like it belong on the set for The Max on Saved By The Bell, but we LOVED IT.

Alas, the latch on the poor thing broke rendering it unsafe to use.

It was time for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, our IKEA table and chairs are not conducive to a high chair / booster that straps to the chair. The chairs are so light weight Evie can pull them over so we don't want to risk her wiggling the booster seat over.

The table also wouldn't be able to support a clip on seat like we use on the granite counters at my parents and Eric's parents.  It would tip over if she was in the seat.
So instead of shelling out hundreds or thousands on a new dining room set we set out for a infant to toddler high chair.  But with our impending trip to Savannah and Beaufort we wanted something that would travel well.

In Savannah we could have made the kids take turns eating in my nephew's high chair, but the real problem lied in Beaufort.

They don't have any counters deep enough for the clip on seat, and ALL the tables in their house are glass.  I didn't even want Evie on my lap for fear of her smashing china on the table.  And the other problem is that they barely have enough chairs for everyone as it is, so I knew we'd be crammed at the table without a chair for Evie to call her own, or without her climbing in everyone's lap

To remedy ALL of this we found the perfect solution.  And it was super cheap! ( We got the Pasadena print since it matches her pack and play...and because the other prints looked creepy)

What a life saver this thing was!  The legs come off and they all snap into the foot rest for easy storage. But the top becomes a booster that you can use with or without the tray. It straps on to a sturdy dining room chair.

We threw this in the back of the car and used it each day of our trip.   We even put it on the floor of the rental house in Beautfort so Evie had a seat to watch TV and eat breakfast.

I'm looking forward to taking this up to the cabin with us this summer. And we'll be able to take it down to my parents "tiny house" in Tampa when Evie and I go for the week in May.

I promise this isn't a sales pitch. I'm just SO excited after months of looking for a non-bulky, multi purpose, infant-to-toddler,  travel friendly high chair WE FINALLY FOUND IT FOR $60!!!

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