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22 April, 2013

Easter Weekend - Beaufort

First of all, thanks for enduring the overzealous high chair post.  And my week long sabbatical between Easter weekend posts.

Picking up where we left off.  Holy Saturday morning we finished at the Savannah Farmers market and armed with a really good cup of locally roasted coffee, we crossed the bridge from Savannah into South Carolina.  The whole drive is like the scenery of Dawson's Creek.

We arrived to Aunt Jo and Uncle Jim's just in time for lunch. We took a long walk into town and ate at a water front restaurant.

After lunch we walked through town. The boys took Evie to the park, then back to the house while the ladies shopped. Beaufort has such fun little shops!  It's like Highlands, NC where our cabin is, but on the water.

I was very much looking forward to the evening of a Low Country Boil or as they call it there, Frogmore Stew and a card game challenge, but Miss Evie had had her fill of fun and desperately needed a good night's sleep.  I took my yummy lunch leftovers back to the rental house and watched not one, not two, but three bad made for tv movies and loved every second of the quiet. 

Eric reported that the dinner was delicious and that even Uncle Jim held his own in cards :)

Evie woke up around 6 am with a terrible cough, which unbeknownst to me was the start of a bout of allergies.  Since half the house was up Eric and I figured we'd make it to the sunrise Easter Mass.  The other half took care of Evie and then we switched.  

I always look forward to Easter Sunday. No matter where I am I can count on good liturgy at least that ONE Sunday. Ha. I was fooled. Nope. Some people are still don't take the time to plan liturgy even for the holiest of days.  My Easter Sunday was as penitential for me as Good Friday should be (which is what I get for feasting on shrimp and grits, I suppose).  Oh well.

After the family rotated through Easter Sunday Mass we had a delicious brunch with everyone before heading back to Atlanta.

(Us with Eric's sister Leeann and her husband Dan)

(baby Luke is looking good, huh?)

Eric's second cousin Michael was in town. Evie was smitten with him.

 I was going to stay an extra night in Savannah with Evie, but she was so sick with her cough that I wanted to make sure she was rested before my sister's wedding the following weekend.  I'm glad we went home because I woke up sick the next morning!

Since I'd planned on staying I had left things (and forgotten Delaney!) in Savannah. We pit stopped on our way back home.  As our "tradition" goes we hit really bizarre traffic --- one year we hit a full on blizzard on I-16.  This year we hit a freak hail storm. So strange.  

Such a great family get away weekend! 

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