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29 April, 2013

Evie's Watertable

With Evie's birthday just 7 weeks before Christmas she didn't really *need* (but do we ever need?) Christmas gifts.  So Eric and I planned ahead and thought of some fun things for the summer.

I wanted to get Evie a water table. Most of them are half water / half sand.  Obviously the designers of those tables don't have toddlers. All I see is mud.

I found this basic model on Amazon for a steal.
After 4 months of it sitting in the guest room it was finally warm enough to bring the table outside to play!
Evie had a BLAST (I love her standing on her tippy toes).
Though she thought she was a cat and kept drinking the water.
It took her a while to get the hang of all the little parts.  And she still doesn't get the concept of the diving board -- she just puts the little dude on the end of it and then swats him in instead of using the catapult feature.  But she'll get there.
We also moved her tree house outside.  She loves climbing in it and cautiously going down the slide.

Or standing at the top and attempting to walk down it.  Gives me a heart attack! 

Of course, this was a few weeks ago when we thought Spring was here to stay.  And then this week we're back in jeans and cardigans.  Oh well.  We'll have PLENTY of water table and splash pool days this summer!

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