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06 April, 2013

How FREE are YOU?

Some light reading while we're at the wedding today.....

Several years ago I found myself knee deep in a pile of unexpected car accident bills: car insurance, health insurance, hospital stay, emergency room visit, x-rays, and ambulance ride.

While trying to pay off this mounting pile of bills, I had my regular bills: car tire credit card, car payments, two student loans from a private university, a computer loan, phone bill, and a credit card on a church employee’s salary. Sound familiar?

Just thinking about those days brings back a headache and night sweats.

There is a certain amount of underlying stress that comes with being a “slave to the lender”.  See, when you’re paying off loans, cars, and credit cards your money isn’t really yours. The second you earn it, the second you pay your “master” aka the credit card company or the loan company.  You aren’t really FREE to do whatever you want with your money.

Paying off debt, managing / reducing bills by living simply, and changing your attitude towards money grants a FREEDOM to do as you please (within reason) with your money.

Soon you won’t have night sweats, late fees, or balances rolling over.  Or worse yet, fear of the debt collector.

This is real. It’s very real. For some reason our generation thinks we’re entitled to a certain status level without really earning it....or without waiting to pay for it in cash. GUILTY!

For many years I bought expensive brands of clothes and fancy electronics just to keep up with the Jones’s.  But for what?  A little extra attention? Was I that desperate that I would sell my well being for things?

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