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23 August, 2011

Wheat Free? Oh, my!

I had my meeting with the pregnancy massage and chiropractor specialist today regarding the horrible pains, pinching, numbness, etc in my back and hips.

What impressed me about this visit is the first hour was nothing but her asking me questions about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  Um, who gives that kind of complete medical attention these days?  Hardly anyone.

It was so refreshing to have a voice while talking to a doctor.  We went through some medical history, family history, injuries, allergies, and diet.  And then she asked me some questions that I thought were really random for a massage therapist / chiropractor.

She asked if I had a history of wheat or gluten allergies in my family, and then said "you've probably suffer from IBS most of your life, right?  And this back pain for years too?"

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Okay, so I didn't know I was visiting a psychic, though at this point I was tempted to ask her for some lottery numbers. She was good.

She said I probably do have some hip and back alignment issues from injuries, accidents, my flat feet (which are now flatter with the pregnancy, thank you very much), and the weight of the baby, but that the bulk of the pain is probably caused by....

drum roll....

a wheat intolerance or allergy causing inflammation.  She said in some people the inflammation will target a muscle group causing nagging pain for years.  She also said that it's probably why I'm so tired, and well...have always had issues in the bathroom.

You're probably thinking, "duh" - but I just hadn't put it all together.  We'd gone to a lower wheat diet because we have celiac disease in both sides of the family, but once I got pregnant and nothing sounded good to eat I resorted to eating big bowls of cereal, or jumbo batches of waffles as my main calorie source.  She seems to think that this has caused a build up in my system and it's rearing it's ugly head with insufferable back pain.

So here goes nothing - a few weeks of low wheat in take for me!

As much as I hope she's wrong (no more pizza? no more beer?), I really want to start feeling better :)

The good news?  Chick-fil-a fries are wheat free ;-)


  1. There are great gluten free waffles by Vans at Kroger in the healthy organic section's freezer!! (some at Publix too) Also, some real great frozen gluten free muffins (chocolate :)) Also the gluten free Pizza is good too (forget the brand) Kroger is though. And they have bread making mixes that are gluten free and pizza crust/bagels/etc.etc.etc. If you end up going gluten free forever. :) And great gluten free salad dressings (or vinaigrette works too) Call me anytime if you have cravings :) I have a great cereal too with high protein/fiber. I forget name but its at kroger!! Also granola and trail mix cause I know you like that!

  2. little friend! this is craziness!! glad you have some answers to your issues though!! praying for you...i'm a carb girl and would possible die (okay, i am being dramatic...what else is new?) if i had to go low wheat!! good thing there are TONS of things that are all made gluten free now for you and baby girl!! love ya!


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