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31 August, 2011

Baking with Katie: Fried Rice

Katie? Who is Katie?  Katie is my rocking sister with some extreme kitchen creativity.  She writes about her life at Abbreviated Confessions of a Twenty-Something and her cooking at Better with Bacon. You can find her previous guest post called Copper Beech Balls, a maple sausage appetizer, here.
  Happy reading.  And even happier eating. 

So ya'll know about my butt/back injury by now (and are probably tired of hearing about it).  Well, in addition to me being out of the kitchen commission for a few days, Eric was gone on a retreat with our high school freshman class.  A weekend of mud pit, ropes course, photo scavenger hunts, hikes, s'mores, and lots of praising God.  He was just as exhausted, if not more than me.

Katie, being a good samaritan, and even better sister, offered to make us dinner Monday night.  When she asked what we wanted, I immediately knew it would be steak fried rice.  She makes *the best* fried rice and it's wheat/gluten free.

I get an in-house chef for the night.  She gets a gourmet dinner: steak from our "cow", Whole Foods veggies, Sesame Oil [you can ooooh and aaaah now] and organic brown rice

It's a win-win.

If you know anything about my sister, she takes life far less seriously than I do - and let's me photograph it.  Take for example, her "cooking show" from Monday night:

Yes, she titled that last photo as "my good side"

She also asked me to ask you to pardon her post-5-mile-run "look" (at least she legitimately ran the 5 miles, right!?!?).

After an hour or so of slaving over the hot stove, may I present you our fabulous gluten-free dinner?  Steak fried rice...

Be sure to check out her recipe .  And remember, in order for this to truly be gluten-free, you must buy gluten-free soy sauce!

Thanks again for the wonderful dinner (and lunch!), Katie!



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  1. What a nice sister and OMG, she has a blog too and its about food, specifically bacon.  I LOVE!  Hope you keep feeling better!


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