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24 August, 2011

What I am loving!

Our new toy
Do you see it in there?  Sandwiched between my Macbook, our refurbished Kindle (thank you and my phone is our new iPad!  Eric's team got them as thank you gifts for a product launch.  We'd debated about getting one with Christmas money but decided we didn't need it.  But hey, who can pass up a free iPad2?  Besides it really enhances the yuppieness of our coffee table...

Hey Mom?  Can you add the ipad dock to my birthday wish list?! 
Then I can use it in the kitchen instead of my phone to read recipes ;)

Bravado Nursing Tanks

I'm not breastfeeding yet (obviously), but I'd heard from both Lois and my sister-in-law that this brand is totally worth the money.  So when the tanks came up at 50% off on babysteals I jumped on the opportunity to order two. 

 I am so impressed that they have my size (amen!).  For the first time in my life I have a shelf bra that actually fits!!!  So, yeah,  I've totally been wearing them already :)  Soft. Cozy. Supportive. And no, I'm not getting paid to say this!

Flourless Cupcakes

C'mon, did you think I could go dessert-less after this news? Please.

Not wearing my back brace

After my appointment with the massage/chiropractor specialist yesterday, she said I could go a few days without my back brace.  Freeeeeeedoooommmm!  She's going to be guest speaking at my Bradley childbirth class on Saturday and said she'd check on me then to see if I need to wear it or hold off.  Again, love this women.

Fresh Flowers
I had a rough weekend two weekends ago so I splurged on some flowers when I was at Trader Joe's they've lasted almost two full weeks.  

My Husband's Support

Eric has been awesome supporting me through the pregnancy.  He's on board with the husband coached natural childbirth and has researched using a doula from the husband's perspective.  He wrote the rough draft of our birth plan.  He agreed to the extra expense of having my back worked on.  He's gone without new clothes while I rebuilt a wardrobe.  He force fed me protein when I couldn't face it. He's patiently sat on the other end of the phone when I cried over things like cantaloupe, broken copy machines, and being hungry.  He excitedly woke up this morning to make me my first wheat-free breakfast.  He talks to baby girl every night and calls her beautiful.

What are YOU loving this Wednesday???


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  1. Loving your new blog design! Although I have been reading in Google Reader so this may not be so new but it's new to me! And I love that I am going to be home this weekend and get to see friends!

  2. Um, how could I forget?!?! You were supposed to get a shout out for your blog and for coming home this weekend. #fail Maybe you'll get your own post next week ;-)

    And yes, the redesign is new. thanks for noticing :)

  3. I love my nursing tanks - perfect for lazy days and in the winter for layers. Cute blog remodel and congrats on the ipad!

  4. How wonderful to have such an amazing, supportive husband! I was in OB class the other day (every Friday, quite frankly), and I was thinking how natural childbirth sounds so great. I know a few people who have already done it (one from home) and, hey, it's what people have been doing forever, right? Praying for you!

  5. I love that our apartment is all boxed up. Not because I like boxes as decor, but because moving day is a week from tomorrow. Can you tell I'm excited?

  6. I love your blog and the new design as well. One of these days, I'll venture out into doing these What I'm hearting Wed. I've seen them on so many others. Btw, do you have a recipe for flour-less cupcakes? I used to get the flour-less cake at Brio for dessert.

  7. I am sorry, but your post engenders severe pangs of jealousy right now!

    First, jealous about your technology. And happy for you. My husband got a free post it pad once form a civil engineering conference. How boring compared to Eric's promo!

    Also jealous about your deal on the tanks! These are my FAVORITE. I wanted to tell you to be sure to wear one for labor and delivery! They may ask you to remove it, but just say, I'd rather not. If you need to cut it off, that's okay. I'd rather wear this. Say that, and you can wear it! I wore a black one for Daniel and a blue one with elsa, and I don't have any photos I don't like! No ugly gowns!

    I am also envious they were on baby steals and I didn't see them. I ordered from Cotton Babies and at least got free shipping though.

    I actually have a few in a too large size now that I am not preg... if you want 40 F, let me know. I shrank way back down to 34 D. Isn't that crazy?

    And finally I am jealous that you are on BlogHer! Congrats!!! So great.

    Hope you have a good weekend~

  8. great list this week! I'm happy for you that you found flourless cupcakes! that'll be a treat :)

  9. How exciting! :)  I can't wait to see what you do with the new place, will you be blogging about it?

  10. I do! I will post it this week...  I hope you're not watching your cholesterol because it has a loooooot of eggs and butter!

  11. Bethany,  I'd love to try that top! I think it'll be perfect :)   I'll email you :)


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