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29 August, 2011

Hello, Third Trimester - Pregnancy Update {Weeks 27 & 28}

How far along?  Twenty-Eight Weeks.  Hello, third trimester.

How big is baby? I've seen varying reports around the internet from 2 pounds to 2.5 pounds.  I am secretly hoping for an ultrasound at my midwife appointment on Wednesday.  I want to see her so badly, even if it's in alien form.

Total weight gain: +33 total.  Once upon a time I thought I'd only gain 30 pounds this whole pregnancy.  I'll be lucky to keep it under 50.  ;-)

Maternity Clothes? I can honestly say I didn't buy anything in the last two weeks! Mostly because I don't *need* it and a little because the cooler weather is coming soon and I need to save up for a few long sleeved things before baby comes.  PS: Of course Motherhood Maternity just now sends out a 40% off coupon...hhmm.

Stretch Marks?  I pretend that I am over it, but I'm not. They itch. A lot.  Basically new ones are popping up anywhere on my skin that'd (fortunately) be covered by a Bermuda short.  Lovely, huh?

Exercise: I was all set to start pregnancy yoga now that my back is feeling better, and then two days later this happens. Yoga is on hold indefinitely.  Actually, most activities are on hold.  Boo!

Sleep: Until the injury I had some great nights' sleep.  Now rolling over takes so much effort that every two hours I wake up completely to re-arrange pillows, but at least I've been afforded 7-8 hour nights.  Counting my blessings!

Movement:  Look out 2030 Olympics.  Baby girl will be there showing off her perfect flip-turn or synchronized swim (I think she's taking after her Nana).  She has perfected the art of waking me up with a jab, or making me laugh while public speaking with a belly roll.   

Eric loves it and feels for her all the time.  My mom (Nana) got to feel her this weekend dad, however, was a little freaked out and passed on the opportunity.

Food cravings: I hadn't had any drop-everything-and-run-to-the-store cravings until last week I wanted Betty Crocker's Scalloped Potatoes from a box, and a glass of Orange Juice in the worst way.  I did it. I dropped everything and ran drove carefully to the store. Scalloped potatoes were $1 off.  I'll take two boxes, please.

What I miss: Ya know, things have been going rather swimmingly, other than the injury.  But even being injured gave me the chance to do the one thing I want the most - lay on my stomach.  My back doctor has a bed with a special "shelf" for pregos to lay belly-down.  I told her I'd pay her once a week just to come lay on the bed.

What I am looking forward to: As much as I hate the awkward attention, I am really looking forward to our baby showers.  I am anxious to get stuff set up and finally feel a little more ready for baby.

I am also looking forward to my 28 week check-up.  Not because I have to get a shot due to the Rh Factor, and have the glucose test (I beat the system, I dont have to drink the orange-goo....muhahaha), but because I am glad to catch up with my midwife and tell her about my back, the diet, and to start discussing labor plans, pediatricians, etc.

Milestones: Lots of movement from baby girl....I can't think of much else.  

Say What?
Most people say, "Are you sure there is just one in there?"  and "Are you even going to make it to November?"  I was pleasantly surprised on Friday with, "Oh you're so tiny - you look fabulous"

I spend Sunday morning with Connor, my 3 year old nephew, so we talked a bit about baby girl coming... I told him he had to wear his new Notre Dame shirt to the baby shower in 3 weeks and he said (after much pause and consideration) "But the baby can't take a shower, she's to leeet-le. She has to take a bath" So we discussed that a baby shower is actually a party.  I'm pretty sure he's even more confused.

Opening the door to me, "Betty! You're pregnant!" - My dad

Sweet moments:
Every night Eric talks to baby girl and kisses her.  It's super adorable. I also love that told her the other night that she and I can't gang up on him - no boys vs girls.  It's Mommy & Daddy vs Kids.  And that he'll kick her if she gets out of line.  Bahaha. Anything can be funny or cute if said in the right voice ;)

Make room for baby:
We finally decided to set up the second bedroom for the baby, as we'll probably be in the apartment for a while.  That being said we had fun picking out a room "theme".  After much deliberation and actually dragging   Eric around the mall, we decided on a The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  We're asking for the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, which we know is a little pricey. We like that it's a theme everyone is familiar with, it's fresh, and can can be accessorized from just about any kids store or book store and not just Pottery Barn. (Fruit! Leaves! Animals! Bright Colors! Oh, my!) And the colors are easy to match, which is a huge deal for me.  So many of the bedsets we looked at had a one-off, hard-to-work-with color.  Bleh.

Besides, I have LOVED Eric Carle stories ever since Kindergarten when I read Brown Bear for the first time.

Oh, and THIS:
Every morning I put baby powder in a *ahem* few choices places to keep them dry in the Georgia summer heat... but put lotion on my stretch marks to keep the itching to a minimum.  Literally, every morning I can't help but thing of this scene from Friends.  "The lotion and the powder made a PASTE!"

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  1. I am seriously loving how much you reference FRIENDS on your blog! It makes me so happy because I am so obsessed with the show and all your references make me laugh! :-) 


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