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13 August, 2011

Baking with Betty: Strawberry & Brownie Triffle

Looking for something fast and impressive to bring to a summer cookout?  This is one of my favorites and it's oh-so-easy.

Strawberry Brownie Triffle

  • 1 family sized box of brownies, prepared and cooled 
  • 1-2 pints of fresh strawberries (or other berries) washed, dried, hulled, and sliced
  • 1 large tub of Cool-Whip, thawed
  • 1 box of Instant Pudding, French Vanilla or White Chocolate flavor (optional)
  • a splash of milk (optional)
Preparation (optional):
This jazzes up the Cool-Whip a bit and really sets the dessert apart.  If you want to use heavy-whipping cream to make your own whipped cream instead of Cool-Whip you can! If you don't have time, or don't care, skip this step.
  • Pour a splash of milk (okay, it's probably like 1/3c) into a mixing bowl.  Pour pudding mix into bowl and mix with a hand mixer for a few seconds.
  • Add Cool-Whip and mix for about 30 seconds
  • Cut the brownies into small squares and crumble 1/3 of them in the bottom.
  • Smother with 1/3 of the Cool-Whip mixture, spread with a spatula
  • If you're looking for fancy presentation, this is the stage where you wipe the Cool-Whip mess off the insides of the triffle bowl (example of poor presentations = mine)
  • Add a layer of strawberries.  Of course, if you're looking for nice presentation you can line them up along the edge, though you'll definitely need all 2 pints to do that
  • Repeat two more times!
  • Garnish.

I love taking this dessert when I need to bring a dessert to a part because it can be prepared at home in the serving dish and then easily transported....put cling wrap on the top and strap this bad boy into it's own seat belt. 

What did I tell you?  Easy.  Impressive. Delicious.

Tastefully yours,


  1. this looks delicious but I admit I only thought of the time rachel tries to make a triffle and puts peas and onions in it. and joey still eats it! "meat? goood. lady fingers? gooood!" and ross "this tastes like feet!" teehee

  2. I don't know HOW ON EARTH I missed a chance to throw that in this post. So here it is now...The Traditional English Trifle-Pie


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