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29 August, 2011

A weekend on "bed rest": The story of my hiney-ache

This weekend I was going to catch up on sleep, clean all the things and go to the bank, attend a baby shower, and work on a sewing project at my parents house.

Instead my weekend turned into little more than watching hurricane updates and playing on Pinterest.  Granted I did roll in style at Club Corsetti: home made meals, warm baths, tv in my room, and a visit from my adorable nephew.

So just how did I find myself at my parents laid up in bed watching basic cable?

It all began on Tuesday - I had a great visit with the doctor regarding my back and am on the way to recovery. This isn't really part of the story other than I established a relationship with a doctor who could help with the events to come...

Thursday I took a step down the sidewalk at my parents.  I felt it.  A snap.  My whole groin area was on fire.  I sat down for a while and was soon able to walk it off.  I went to bed and woke up without any pain.

Friday I was telling Eric my plans for the weekend, since he was going out of town.  My plan including mopping our kitchen floor that was getting rather slick from accumulated cooking grease, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, dust, change the sheets, and pack up books to donate.

No sooner do I tell him these things...I find myself doing a surfing maneuver across the kitchen and kitchen rug.

I was able to brace my fall by grabbing the wall and oven handle.  But I heard it again, the same pop/snap feeling I'd had the night before.  Except this time?  I.could.not.move.  I was stuck in that position.

At first Eric thought I was being dramatic (who me?).  But when he heard the panic in my voice he realized the intensity of my pain.  With his help I waddled to a chair, hoping that like the night before I could rest a few minutes and it'd be fine.

Two hours passed and I knew I was done-zo.  I called my doctor on her emergency cell and she met me in less than an hour for an exam, massage, and a minor adjustment.  Holy. Cow. Ow.

She thinks I sprained and strained that muscle group / ligament in the groin area that holds the hamstring to the pubic bone to the glut & butt.  It's on fire. It has radiating pain.  I can't move side-to-side, go from sit to stand or vice versa, roll over, get out of a car, or even sit.

It hurts so bad it's funny.  I can't cry about it. I can't take pain medication because of the baby.  So I am enjoying the occasional epsom salt bath and additional magnesium supplements ( a natural relaxer).

Thank goodness my parents were in town this weekend. I stayed at their place this weekend so they could help me with routine tasks and keep an eye on me....and yes, help me out of the bed or off a chair.

The doctor said it would be a long road to total healing, as the intense growth of the baby belly in the next three months will keep tugging on these ligaments and muscles at a fast pace.  Hey, at least she was honest and told me the road to recovery is going to be slow and painful!

Sometimes I think God gives us incidents like to remind us that we need to rely on other people for help, to remember that sometimes we just can't get it all done, and that we need to rest once in a while

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