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03 August, 2011

What I am Loving!

1. Stuff My Nephew Says

Last week I went to the mall for lunch with Connor and my mom.  He brought he's measuring tape with him from home.  He was measuring the table, chairs, me, his lunch etc.  So I asked him, "Connor, what are you measuring?" he replied, "This."  That's become his standard answer and it makes us all laugh! 

Later my mom asked him, "Connor, do you want to take a nap in your bed at Nana's house?" "No, Nana, Aunt Kdadee left a big mess in-near"  "So where would you like to take your nap?" "In YOUR bed with alllllll the pill-yows"   

2.  Gap Maternity

I had kind of forgotten about Gap having maternity clothing because, well, I thought it was on-line only.  I stumbled upon their summer clearance + 25% off sale the other day.  New dress and skirt. Done.  I'd show you pictures but they're not online anymore. Sorry!

3. Ice Coffee

Pioneer Woman has got it down.  I made the batch exactly like she said, except I ground my own beans.  (I do have my own very fancy Burr Grinder, so course ground beans are easy and consistant) I also wanted to use some decaf, fair-trade, carbon-free beans that I had at home instead of buying some already ground beans from the store.  Snobby, I know.

Anyway, I didn't have quite the right strainer (but I did have the cheese cloth oddly enough!), nor did I really plan on how I was going to store 2 gallons of coffee, so I made a big mess.  However, once I sorted it out...I have been very thankful to wake up and have delicious coffee waiting for me in the fridge.

4. Time Machine, Lion & Office '11

After nearly losing my hard drive this summer, I broke down and bought a really nice external hard drive to back up my 3 year old Mac Book, using the one button back up, Time Machine.  It's nearing the end of it's Apple Care coverage so I thought I'd back it up and take it in for a few tweaks.  During this process I decided to up grade to Lion, which doesn't have many flashy updates, but it does have some minor improvements that I like.  

Well, Lion doesn't like my bootleg version of Office 2004.  My Dad bought an iMac a few weeks ago and treated me by buying the 3 license version of Office '11 so I could upgrade.  I rarely use it (I'm a Google Docs girl), but when I do, it's a very nice improvement to the '04 edition.  If you can splurge on any of these things, I recommend it!

5. Summer Up Dos



  1. Are you my long lost sister? I read Pioneer Woman and LC every day - like its my job!!!

  2. wow love the dif hair styles! i may want to do one for my wedding coming up! great blog girl! can't wait to read more and be a new follower!


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