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01 August, 2011

Twenty four oceans with twenty four hearts - Pregnancy Update {Weeks 23 & 24}

Photo taken in Maine, over looking Kennebunkport about 23 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks. 

How big is baby? grown from a papaya to a mango to an ear of corn! and this week along should have gained about 4 oz.  Remember when she was only 4oz?? Crazy!  I have a visit with the midwife on Wednesday to learn more :)

Total weight gain: I have been at +27 lbs for the last two weeks. It's fluctuated daily by about 2-3 lbs, but it's averaged the same number.  We'll see the "official" reading on Wednesday. 

Maternity Clothes? Yes! I actually dug out a baggy/stretchy non-maternity shirt today, but I probably won't be able to wear it again.  I've been keeping an eye out on end of the season clearances and bought a dress and skirt at Gap for next to nothing!  But I think I am on hold until I fall comes / I can see how much bigger I get because I might need to go up a size. eek!

Stretch Marks? Do I have to answer this? Sigh. (and I really did just sigh) My belly, below my belly button, now looks like jelly fish tentacles.  I just started taking fish oil and using 100% cocoa butter to help minimize any more and to reduce the itching.  PS: My nightly cocoa butter routine makes me crave brownies. mmmm.

Exercise: This has been a chore.  I am so hot. all. the. time. I tried to do my laps around Target today and started sweating. Ugh.  Eric's been helpful at reminding me to stretch and do my squats every night.  What a champ!

Sleep: While we were traveling in Maine and in Boston I was so uncomfortable, and hot (hello, heatwave and no A/C), but since we've been home I have the fan on high and my body pillow so I'm happy as a clam.  I've been sleeping a lot again, like 8-10 hours a night + 1 nap a week.  And I still feel exhausted.  Must be the heat and this little cold I'm fighting.

Movement: Baby girl is a dancing fool.  She loves to move at bed time and within minutes of my eating a meal or sweet treat. Her favorites are ice cream, cake/cookies, and Chick-fil-a sweet tea (which is a once a week treat!)

Food cravings: very cold ice water, iced coffee, fruit mostly apples and cantaloupe, and this week....I had a vivid dream about broccoli.  I actually ate seafood twice in the last two weeks.  I ate about a half pound of lobster and a half order of fried calamari.  However, both of these were very fresh. I still can't go to the seafood section of large chain grocery stories. vom.

What I miss: not having puffy hands and feet. not aching like an old lady every night. and seeing the skin under my belly button (what's going on down there?)

What I am looking forward to: oh my gosh...loving on my baby girl.  CANNOT WAIT!  Baby Nephew Zachary came to play this weekend and he was like crack.  I could not get enough of him and it made me want baby girl to be done cooking in the WORST WAY! Most mornings I ask her to cook faster so we can hang out.

Milestones: Eric felt Ninjalina kick for the first time while we were in Maine.  We were eating lunch at Shipyard Brewing Company.  Can you imagine his joy? haha.  He loves to hold my belly now and just wait for her to kick...doesn't matter if we're watching TV, sitting in Mass, at Bible study, or out to dinner...he'll just sit there with his hand on my belly.  I'm sure it sounds annoying but I LOVE IT! And I LOVE how excited he is about her :)

Say What? 

One of my older co-workers ran into me in the bathroom and asked, "So exactly how many times a day do you go to the bathroom?"  I wanted to say, "I can't remember my to do list, what I ate for lunch, or what I wore yesterday...think I can keep track of how many times a day I pee?"  But I refrained. :)

The night we got back from Maine Eric and I ran to Publix to pick up essentials.  As he finished paying, the cashier asked him "is she with you?" to which he nodded, "yes".  She said, "So I can ask you and it's not she pregnant?" "yes"  "when are you due? what are you having?" Eric politely answered and as we walked out she yelled, "Have a happy pregnancy"  And at that moment I felt like I was in an Always commercial.  Eric turned to me and said, "Do you get that a lot?" 

By the way, everyone knows someone who has a birthday on or around November 21st. 

Sweet moments:  While we were at Mass in Boston and I was having a "I'm really hot and there isn't air conditioning in this 200 year old church" meltdown in the Narthex, a toddler came up to me and pointed at my belly and started saying, "Baby" "Baby"  and the mom looked at me with the if-you're-not-pregnant-i'm-really-sorry face.  I assured the mom and the toddler that I was in fact pregnant.  The little girl started clapping when the mom told her that I was in fact having a baby soon.

Make room for baby: Our registry at buybuybaby is a little more complete after spending the weekend playing with all of Zachary's things.  We learned a lot about pumping and bottles from Paige, and David even chimed in on his favorite baby items.  It was awesome to just pick their brain since Z is only 6 weeks old. We're a far cry from done, but we're getting there.  The guy helping me tonight said to take my time and not let my self get overwhelmed, which has been my strategy all along.

Oh, and THIS:  Between the swelling and humidity, I had to take my rings off while we were in Maine.  I've just kept them off ever since because I'm afraid they won't come off again.  Instead of my wedding & engagement ring I am sporting Eric's order of the engineer pinky ring.  It's stainless steel and it fits perfectly. I promised Eric I wouldn't be a bad engineer while I wore it. 


  1. Three things

    1) I am happy to have found this blog! Its delightful!

    2) I love PUBLIX. Wish they were in the Mid West! You'd like HyVee, if you come up here.

    3) I wore Dan's order of engineer pinky ring, too! He's banned from wearing it since its so weird looking on him. Good news though, I didn't need to wear it and could wear my engagement ring for this pregnancy! So maybe you can wear your diamond in the future. OR... you could go without a ring and note how many shaming glances you get from others who think you are an unwed mother. It happens!!!

  2. i love the title of this post! also, that engineer's ring is hilarious.

  3. love your answers! so funny :)


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