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11 May, 2011

You want me, You want my heart - Pregnancy Update {Week 12}

And I've only gained 4 pounds? 
My jiggly belly is moving up & I look WAY more preggo than I am!

Special thanks to my friend in real life, Ashley, who I took-without-asking the idea for this (and future) pregnancy updates.  I added a few ideas of my own, but basically the concept is from her pregnancy blog posts.  I love that she is a little more than a year ahead of me with having a baby. Eric and I have learned so much from her and Mike's examples and fabulous blog!

How far along?   12 weeks and 3 days.  I have never been so keenly aware of weeks and days. 

 BabyFruit Ticker

How big is baby?  I believe the ultra sound measured close to 3 in today, and I think about half an ounce. Does that sound right? (How that is the size of a plumb, I'm not sure)

Total weight gain: 4 pounds.  The midwife said, "this is good. really good".  Granted, if you were to look at me, you'd think I've gained about 10.  I am just so bloated by the end of the day!  Today my hands and feet are swollen up like balloons. I hope it's just from the Chinese food last night.

Maternity Clothes? I did a ton of shopping with Eric's mom during the big Macy's sale.  So far I've worn the capris, jeans, and Braves shirt.  This week I bought new maternity camis.  Most days I get away with my "fat" jeans and either a hair tie or belly band, and a loose fitting shirt.

Stretch Marks?  I spotted one new one on my hip.  Fortunately, my mother doesn't have many (hoping for her genes!)  Unfortunately, I already have a ton on my breasts, hips and inner thighs from a growth spurt in junior high.  Fortunately, they are not bright red but white.  Unfortunately, they're getting itchy.

Sleep: Some days I cannot sleep enough. Other days I cannot sleep or stay asleep.  Fortunately the mid-day exhaustion is weening and I can stay out past 10 at least one or two nights a week now.

Movement: As I said to my pastor/boss: "I'm not sure if it's baby flutters or gas"  I haven't heard a grown man laugh that hard in years.

Food cravings:  Cheerios.  Frosted Flakes (the Whole Foods 365 brand). Milk. Melted cheese (read: queso, tacos, grilled cheese). Cold fruits, particularly: melons, strawberries, apples, and pears. Arby's Jacmocha shakes (3 in 4 days. oy!) And Publix subs on white bread. Nothing has been really strong, per say, these are just the things I LOVE to eat right now.

Food aversions:  While I haven't been throwing up sick, I have had weird food aversions. And most days Eric has to force feed me protein (eggs, bacon, milk) for breakfast, then I go to Publix to figure out what sounds good for lunch (usually some combination of the above). I cannot and will not go near the sea food section of the grocery store, and have had to ask my dad not to make it when I come over for dinner.  I've been okay with chicken but not cooking it.  Beef has been the constant thing that I just can't bring to my mouth.  Twice I've had a bite of farm-raised steak and subsequently dry heaved over the trash can.  More for Eric.

What I miss:  Beer. Wine. Coffee. Diet Coke. Biking. Running. Skinny jeans. Staying out late. Not being tired. Sleeping through the night with out peeing 1-3 times.

What I am looking forward to: Right now my mind is only focused on the next few weeks of future ultrasounds, picking out names, decided if we want to know the gender, discerning Godparents.  Admittedly, most weekend mornings we lay in bed and dream of the days when we get to lay in bed and snuggle with our little love.

Milestones: We're very happy with our midwife practice.  And while I've already seen them far too often, I am in love with each of them.  They are so attentive, and personally take calls if we're freaking out at home!  We've  been verbally gifted our baby's crib from Eric's parents.  A tradition in his family. Yesterday I could feel my uterus starting to protrude! It's low, but it's getting firm (and not jiggly like the rest of my Jamocha shake water-retaining stomach)

Say What?  My mother warned me that women will tell a pregnant woman anything, even strangers.  I kind of laughed at it, but then it happened. I had my first super awkward moment with a stranger.... Keep in mind she's probably in her early 50s, and wearing a high-buttoned neatly pressed collared shirt:

"Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?" She asked.

I replied, "Not for a few more weeks"

"Well, have you been a should I put this..."frisky" lately?"

Blushing, I responded, "not that I've really noticed"

"Well, then it's a girl.  I got super "frisky" when I was pregnant with my boys.  Must have been that extra testosterone in my body"

Sweet moments:  My father-in-law calling to tell us he prayed for the baby during the intercessions at Mass. My husband holding my lower belly at night when we pray, as to include baby in our prayer time.  And all the wonderful, thoughtful things Eric has done for me!

Make room for baby: We haven't had any purchases or gifts yet other than a few hand-me-down pregnancy books.  So far, this is pleasing.  I'm glad not to have loot piling up just yet.  We don't have the room designated.  In fact, the REI suite is going to need some remodeling to make room for baby.  We're storing some future in there for my sister, as well as housing an army of bikes, kayaks, camping equipment, home-brew rigs, etc.  I think we'll spend my energized second trimester making room for baby!

Oh, and THIS: We decided not to get the genetic testing done for the baby.  These tests are good if you have genetic disorders in your family, or if you are at risk for a child with down syndrome.  Since neither of those apply to us and the results only give you a percentage of a likelihood...we decided we didn't need any extra worry.  Besides, the results wouldn't change anything for us. We'd still love and care for our child!

**Title - "Baby" by Justin Bieber


  1. AHHHHH! how did i miss this? i need to read your blog more often! CONGRATS!!!!!


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