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30 May, 2011

One Thousand Gifts {111-127} Cabin Edition


While Eric and I were at my grandparents cabin, I had some time to return to the book and to spend some time reflecting on a few more gifts in my life...

111. starting vacation with a deep breath in the parking lot at work
112. cathcing up on the low priority to do list
113. friends fixing computers for free
114. photography class with my dad
115. a day trip to Asheville with no plans
116. visint old college friends and doing nothing...but talk
117. drum circles
118. watching people of all walks of life joining in a common song
119. the peacefulness of Gabe
120. massages from the husband
121. listening to the rain on sky lights
122. the cabin and all that it stands for
123. sharing a room with my spouse on family vacations... it's still weird to me to share a room with a boy when they're around
124. waking up with the sunrise
125a. bon fires
125b. jeep rides in the mountains....alone.
126. root beer floats
127. kindles

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