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17 May, 2011

Ross bruises like a peach - Pregnancy Update {week 13}

How far along? 13 weeks, 1 day - Last week of the first trimester, baby!

How big is baby?  About 3 inches growing to 3.5 this week

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And all I can think of is... "Ross bruises like a peach"

Total weight gain: Holding steady at 4 pounds, whew.

Maternity Clothes? Similar to last week, but I can wear fewer and fewer of my medium sized t-shirts, as they are getting too tight around my belly and chest. My undies and pajama pants are getting a little snug around my waist as well.

Stretch Marks? Nothing new!

Sleep: I haven't needed as many naps, usually just 10 minutes of resting in the afternoon is plenty.  I had very weird sleep habits this week because of flying and airport fiascos, but for the most part I don't need 10-12 hours a day any more, just my normal 7-9. My energy is slowly returning, thank you almost-second-trimester!

Movement: While I haven't felt the baby yet, I can feel my insides readjusting when I roll over in bed or on the couch.  It's an odd feeling.

Food cravings: While I was in the airport I wanted Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries in the WORST way. But, I was stuck there for 10 hours.  A Johnny Rocket's strawberry milkshake did the trick. Ninja Baby has a serious sweet tooth, y'all.

Food aversions: Still not LOVING food like I used to.  Beef, seafood, and fried foods are definitely a no-go. Oddly enough I don't want like 12 pieces of chocolate a day like I used to.  If I have one, it's plenty.

What I miss: Enjoying meals. Belts. Not swollen hands and feet.

What I am looking forward to: Filling out my maternity clothes!!!! A real baby bump.  This in between stuff has got. to. go.

Milestones: The area between my bellybutton & crotch is feeling more firm each day.  I guess since my uterus is now the size of a grapefruit with a baby peach in there, it's time to start showing!

I can feel that there is "baby belly" in there and not just "milkshake belly" when I bend to shave my legs.  I can only imagine this gets way worst, very quickly.

Say What?  Mostly people have been asking if it's a boy or a girl. Not for another few weeks, folks.  Ashely asked me how my skin looks or if I crave salads, as she was hoping this would be a clue if it's a boy or girl based on her own pregnancy.  

I spent the weekend with my college roommates and they were fascinated with the fact that the organs shift around to make room for baby!

Most strangers or far away friends are thinking or hoping it's a boy.  My immediate family is cheering for a girl.  I am starting to have a hunch that it's a boy, but so did my dad with me...and well, I am not Christopher ;-)

Sweet moments: My airport buddy, Ryan, who I met during the million layovers this weekend, had a million questions about the pregnancy.  I just thought it was cute that a 26 year old single male, and stranger to me, had so many questions.  At the end of our conversation he said, "I need to get married, I want kids SO bad!"

Make room for baby: I had a few free moments while at Target the other day.  I started checking out strollers, pack and plays, swings, clothes, etc. I am still in sticker shock. Of course I am happy to supply my child with it's needs, but man-oh-man, our budget is going to need another make over.  I am really hoping that I can breastfeed, $23 for formula? Help! I do believe that consignment shops will be my new best friend.

Oh, and THIS: I am so thirsty. All the time.  I used to drink 1.5-2 full sized Nalgene bottles of water a day.  If I don't get at least 2-3 now, I am parched.  I have serious dry mouth.  My gums and mouth are sensitive to acidic fruits, which is challenging because it's one of the things I crave.  My dentist said these are all normal pregnancy symptoms. 

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