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30 May, 2011


Last week my sick computer took a turn for the worse. Dennis is continuing repairs. Lesson learned, back up your computer more than once in three years. Thus, I am writing a quick post via the Blogger app on my phone.

This weekend Eric and I went to North Carolina for some R&R We visited Ashley, Mike & Gabe and Kathryn surprised us for a visit too. Details on the whole trip to come.

This coming week ill be at camp with 15 middle school kids from our church - my last responsibility with them. Bittersweet.

Eric will be home with the guys finishing their brewing stand (a post on this coming soon). We also received our Kindle in the mail so he's excited that it'll be out of my hands all week so he can finally play with it.

In other news baby turns 15 weeks today!  Ill do a 15&16 week update when I get back.
Im looking forward to catching up on lots of posts when I get back, but in the meantime the unplugged lifestyle has really helped me work on my relaxing and my thousand gifts.

Having a blessed week, friends.

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