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06 May, 2011

Phone Photos: A Week In the Life

As we near the end of the first trimester, I am finally starting to feel more human and have more energy.  We've been (almost) back to our crazy busy social lives, with the exception that I turn into a pumpkin around 9 pm.  It's been nice to go out and see people instead of my three month routine of: work, nap, eat dinner, maybe go for a walk, go back to bed.

We've been out and about - but unfortunately I've been out of the habit of carrying my camera around, so I have nothing but super horrible cell phone pictures (digression: my Droid X boasts an 8 megapixel camera. EIGHT! Yet, unless it's broad day light, the quality of the photo is about that of a flip phone... as you'll see)

Thursday (4/28), our friend Austin was in town from Charleston so we met up at a beer bar for drinks.   I found out that Austin is a loyal reader of our blog so I promised him this shout out & picture!

Except, what's worse than my phone's inability to take quality photos is it's inability to have decent user interface to figure out how to use the camera or it's "luxury" features.  So here's the series Eric took of us:

Is it me or do these look like they came off a convenient store security camera? Just saying...

While I am on the topic of Austin, his family is from Ringgold, GA, one of the cities that the recent tornados hit.  Austin shared with us that his high school lost the second story of the building and that while all of his immediate family is okay, his family lost a few friends.  Please say a few prayers for them and all those who are suffering in this time.

Friday morning, started with a visit to my midwife.  Everything is looking great! Ninja baby was rocking & rolling in there. And can I gush over how much I *love* hearing the heartbeat and watching him/her float around in my uterus? 
Friday night we met up with Eric's parents for dinner.  Eric went on to a friend's housewarming party while I went to Lenox Mall with Irene to shop the Friends and Family sale.  I am not looking forward to the bill, but I did get two bags of really awesome, well fitting maternity clothes.  

Saturday Eric was gone most of the day, leaving me with much needed quiet time.  Eric, Sam, and Sean have been working on a "brew stand", which I'll let Eric explain in another post some time.  But basically they are rigging up an at home version of what'd you see a microbrewery.  Obviously on about a tenth of the scale.  After that, the guys went to work at a beer festival.  I met up with everyone at The Fred for dinner and drinks before crashing for the night.

Sunday, Eric was back at the "brew stand" working on more details, while I took my cousin Hilary to the Peace Love and Pure Fashion show benefiting Bert's Big Adventure.  Pure Fashion is a Catholic organization that puts on modest fashion shows using local high school girls.  The girls spend six months in formation learning modesty, public speaking, prayer, etc and then meet with real models, make up artists, fashion designers etc to learn the industry.  The fashion show is the culmination of their preparation.  This year the show included special needs children and the proceeds went to a local charity that takes chronically ill and/or handicapped children and their families on a week long Disney trip.  The whole day was so incredible and I love supporting this any time that I can.  We had three girls from our parish modeling, so it was fun for Hilary and I to see them.  

We topped the weekend off with a trip to the movies with my in-laws. Irene and I saw Water for Elephants and the boys saw Fast Five.  Water for Elephants was amazing, and if you read the book, you won't be disappointed!

Monday was back to work, followed by a meeting for me and the CLI directors team.  Christian Leadership Institue (CLI) is a archdiocesan program that I co-direct each summer.  Approximately 100 teen leaders from Atlanta spend a week at "camp" learning leadership skills.  Our planning for this summer has kicked into high gear. Eric enjoyed the quiet night.

Tuesday.  Oh Tuesday.  The girls and I packed up for bocce and low and behold; as we pulled into the parking garage the heavens opened up.  Off we went to find a place for dinner, but ended up with terrible service.  Two hours for grilled cheese and ice cream sandwiches!?!?  The only thing that was sweet about it was  50% off courtesy of Scoutmob.  

I came home to find this:

Eric decided he doesn't like the only home brewing software that is available, so he's been watching movies and coding his own software.  I love him.

Wednesday was so beautiful...Eric went biking and I went to my parents for dinner.  It was lovely to sit on the porch and enjoy the cloudless skies and 70 degree weather.

Last night I went to the Braves game with Eric, Rosemary and a girl they know from college and I know from them / book club.  They made margaritas in the parking lot, as was most of the crowd as it was Cinco de Mayo.  The stadium was nearly empty.  Megan had two seats right behind the dugout, and the others sat back a section.  Other than the lower level, no one was checking seats.  What a treat :)

And tonight, we're off to Senior night at the parish.  This is my third class to have had for all four years.  It's always so hard to say good-bye.  But I love when they come home to visit!

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