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23 May, 2011

"Normal is a woman..getting married and having a child" - Pregnancy Update {week 14}

Normal is a woman, and a woman getting married and having a child ~ Liz Lemon

I am so sorry for the lack of photos.  I have been taking them, however, my computer has been rather sick.  It's in the process of being fixed (Thanks, Dennis!). But until then, it's Eric's 2001 Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop from college.  At least it's not a Tangent.  Did I mention we had to ghetto rig the wireless card? And the enter key squeeks?  Hey, beggers can't be choosers :)

How far along? 14 weeks

How big is baby? Speaking of Liz Lemon, baby is about the size of a lemon this week.

Total weight gain: Quite a jump this week. I'm up to about 8 pounds. I don't know if the milkshakes have caught up with me, or if I weighed in at a bad time this week.  Or, maybe I just need to come to grips with reality that it's okay to gain weight.

Maternity Clothes?  Whelp, most of my non-stretchy bottoms are done for.  I have about one pair of jeans that I can still wear with a belly band.  I am down to half a dozen non-tshirts too.  I am trying to wear these non-maternity things like crazy so I don't get sick of my maternity clothes before it's all I have to wear. 

Also, I am going to camp next week with fifteen middle school kids.  Read: hot, outside, messy, modest attire.  I keep a stash of these type clothes in the back of one of my drawers for annual mission trips and camps.  However, only one of five pairs of shorts fit.  Off to Goodwill I went. Um, they only had like 15 pairs of shorts total, men's and women's. And they were like lavender mom-butt shorts in a size 2.  No thanks. So I went to Ross, TJ Maxx and Target.  Whoop whoop for the XXL.  I scored some deals on some gym shorts and some breathable tshirts.  Nike running shorts for $4.99. Yes, please.  Eric is loaning me some of his shirts too, but skinny boy-cut and pregnant-wife cut are two different things.

Stretch Marks? Stretch marks? No.  Cellulite? Yes. Hello cottage cheese legs.  And by hello, I mean, don't get comfortable you're not sticking around!

Sleep: Glorious sleep!  I have been averaging about 8-10 hours a night with 1-3 potty breaks.  I don't wake up hungry or nauseous either, which is fan-tas-tic!  I haven't been napping, but I do like to lay down for about fifteen minutes after work before making dinner or going out.

Movement:  At night or when I am sitting still for a while I can feel tiny little flutters in my uterus.  It feels almost like an itch or muscle twitch, but from what I am told that is my now almost 4 inch tiny human kicking me!

Food cravings: Ya know, I don't think I really had any cravings this week.  Cold water and cold milk are constants, but I wouldn't say they're particularly cravings.  I haven't had too many aversions lately either.  I need to get back in the routine of grocery shopping for a week, or at least a few days at a time, because these daily trips to Publix or Kroger is killing my calendar and wallet.

What I miss: Wearing normal clothes.  Not looking in the mirror and thinking, "wow, you put on a few pounds".  Sleeping through the night. Not having to clip my finger and toe nails like every three days.

What I am looking forward to: Having more serious baby name discussions and more parenting discussions.

Milestones:  I had my first "belly rub" this weekend.  And yes, it was by an 18 year old boy, in case you were wondering.  He's one of the kids in the youth group. But, seriously?  It was REALLY awkward.

Say What?  This morning I met the male chaperone going to camp with me for coffee and breakfast.  I told him about the baby.  And he said, "Well it sounds like you're not doing the obstacle course, or the mud pit, or the tubing"  Later he added, "And I don't know if I want you driving the bus either. I don't want you stressing out or anything"  Of course, he did congratulated me :)

Sweet moments:  I emailed our 12 week sonogram to my grandparents, who, by the way, read their email on their iPad2.  My grandmother called to agree that, yes, the baby looks like s/he is already enjoying a cocktail.  Meanwhile, my grandfather (who insists it's a girl) yells from the other room, "it's not a drink in her hand, it's a Macy's card!"

Love. It.

Make room for baby:  Oh my heck, y'all.  I went to buybuy Baby this afternoon to purchase a shower girl.  Whoa.  Talk about over stimulation.  It's like everything Veggie Tales warns you about Stuff Mart in the Madame Blueberry episode.  I will say, we'll probably look at cribs there because they have a beautiful selection.  Strollers, carseats, and everything else?  After talking to my brother today, we agreed on staying consistent on brands and products.  It'll make it that much easier going to and from each other's houses and swapping out with grandparents.  Thank you David & Alex for making those decision for us.  Green? yes, we like green. Okay, sold.  And now to win the lottery. Oh wait, Alex already did that ;-)

Oh, and THIS: My skin is going crazy.  As in a bunch of small random whiteheads that never amount to anything.  However, my oily/dry issue has seemed to even out a bit.  The rest of my skin is rather dry and itchy, which is odd since it's 90+ degrees and like 50000% humidity here this week.  Also, I've been more prone to razor burn too.  So weird.

Eric and I went on a bike ride along the river on Saturday morning.  We rode for 25 minutes averaging about 15-17 mph (which is a little fast for me).  I was pooped after.  Last night, I walked up the two flights of stairs to get into our church. Wind-ed.

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