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14 March, 2011

Weekend Recap

First of all, I can't even believe that not only is it Monday, but it's Monday afternoon. I feel like my head has been in some sort of cloud for about four days.  Must be allergy season.

This weekend was simply fantastic (minus to foggy head).  Friday night Eric went to see a movie with his dad.  Don't ask me what is was, I can't keep track.  I went over to my cousin Hilary's to "sit" with her, eat pizza and watch a Say Yes to the Dress Netflix marathon.  Hilary recently had two rods fused to her spine as well as some ribs separated and organs shifted around.  Needless to say she had severe scoliosis.  It was fun to keep a fourteen year old company on a quiet Friday night.  Just what I needed.  I also taught her how to pray Christian Prayer, something she wanted to do for Lent.  Mature, right?

Saturday is our sleep in day.  So glorious!   Eric spent the afternoon helping my brother move into his new house.  Alex bought a short-sale last month and spent a few weeks fixing it up.  I can't wait to see his finished handy work, or the awesome bright blue stripes my mom painted in Connor's room.  Knowing that Eric was working so hard, I was motivated to finish painting the walls in our bedroom.  We chose a dark gray on the back/accent wall and a lighter gray on the other three walls.  It makes the room feel finished and more adult.

As soon as we were both done, Eric met me for a bike ride on my new bike.  We rode about 8 miles on the Geenway.  Just enough to get the blood flowing without a full on hot sweaty mess.  The weather peaked around 85.  mmmmm!

PS: The bike was a total surprise! Eric saved up a little cash, found old REI gift cards, and used a coupon.  Good man, Good man.

That night Katie and I went on a sister date, just the two of us!  We went to Hobnob in Midtown for some delicious fare, outdoor dining, and a few drinks.  We shared the creamiest of mac and cheeses (in case you haven't notice, my family LOVES mac and cheese), and the appetizer sampler of chicken fingers (homemade, the best kind!), pretzels & queso, and hand wrapped spring rolls.  Heaven! Special thanks to ScoutMob for making our dinner affordable :)

 Our night concluded with seeing Marc Broussard in concert at Center Stage.  Listening to his voice, you'd think he was a 60 year old black man in a smokey jazz lounge.  Nope.  He's a cute 20-something from New Orleans...  (ignore the horrible lip syncing in his video, his music is so catchy and fresh)  Katie and I loved the concert - he even played part of one of our other favorite singer songwriters, Dave Barnes' songs called "On a Night Like This".  The best part of the concert was when he grabbed some random girl in the audiences video camera and brought it up on stage with him.  He sang a love song into it and then video taped the other musicians and audience.  Priceless.

And then Sunday rolled around....

I had to get up super early to talk to the 6th grade Sunday school classes about joining the middle school youth group next year.  It was not very motivating to get up at 7am on Sunday (after a concert and Spring forward) to talk to sixth graders, but everyone has to face challenges for work.

After, I took a short nap and went over to Sam's house where the guys were working on some their next round of home brews.  Their process is getting more established and the beers keep getting better!

The weekend came to a close with our usual Sunday night Mass and youth group, followed by drinks and dinner #2 with the adult volunteers.

A nice little weekend if you ask me!

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