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08 March, 2011

Five Princesses run 13.1

The story began back in the Fall when we decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Serious measures weren't taken until after the November Thanksgiving 5k proved to be a challenge to complete.  By December we finalized the roster of which girls were going to actually participate in the training and the race.

We enjoyed some casual runs, but with the holidays we didn't get too serious until January.  It was a few days after I got back from my vacation to Puerto Rico that I learned I had sprained my ankle.  A few days later Katie, Rosemary and Sarah ran the Resolution 5k.

By February the training was in full force with the girls running 8, 9 and 10 mile long runs, and taking a break one weekend to run a 10k at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.  Yes, when did our running lives begin to include 10ks as a training run break?!?!  The girls killed it and I think it gave them the confidence they needed that they could, in fact, complete a Half Marathon.

And then we had our last "run" down at the river.  This was my first "run" since being cleared from physical therapy.  It was so great to have my ankle feel so good!  We packed up our gear, packed the cars, picked up Amanda from the airport and drove to Disney.

And the rest is history (you might need to turn up the volume, it plays back very softly on my computer...weird!)

Disney Princess Half from Elizabeth Buergler on Vimeo.


  1. WAY TO GO LADIES! So proud of each of you for accomplishing this amazing goal!!!!

    Anddddddd you did it all while being so friggin hilarious.

    Best line of the video "she's a pokey puppy"

    I do have one question: Where is Rosemary's hot dog?

    foursquare NERD ALERT!!

    "I've had naps longer than last night's sleep and I was not working with egg's benedict per requested." - Thank you Princess

  2. Super duper, amazingly cool! REALLY glad you did it and that your ankle was ok :)

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! There are a few videos I wish were still in there, but still hilarious! Great work, The E! <3

  4. love the video! y'all are rockstars, and hilarious. my favorite part was princess katie requesting her eggs benedict. it's awesome too that you'll always have this video footage to look back and remember! :)


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