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04 March, 2011

1 Question Friday: How old ARE you?

Our new pastor has finally arrived.  He's slowly getting settled.  On Wednesday we had an all-staff meet-and-greet type meeting.  We introduced ourselves and had to give a few lines about our duties at the church.  I said, of course, that I've been working at Saint Brigid for six years.

The next day I needed to ask the new pastor a quick question so I snuck into his office to get my answer.  Before he would even let me speak he laughed and asked, "Can I be blunt?"

"Suuurreee," I answered with hesitation.

"Exactly how old ARE you?" he asked and chuckled.

"Well, sir, most of the families I minister to think I'm about 18-20, but I'm actually 28"

"Dang! Congratulations. Whatever you do to look that young, keep doing it. You look fantastic for your age"

And there you have it my friends... I am 28.  And my darling husband is, um, almost 27.  Yep. I robbed the cradle.

"Looking for answers to questions that bothered him so" ~ Jimmy Buffet (he wants you to ask us anything!)

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