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23 March, 2011

Our Little "Roommate"

Eric and I have a little "roommate."  And I put that in quotes because, well, we didn't invite him.  He's been living in our dining room.  He eats nothing.  No complaining.  No snoring. In fact, he doesn't make a peep.

Yes.  He's a roach living in one of our beer glasses.  Now, I debated about even posting this silliness, because who wants to have their apartment exposed as having roaches?  Ew.  Really, we're clean people. You just can't avoid them.  We live in an apartment. In the South.  Get over it.  I did.

Eric found this little guy Sunday morning while we were eating breakfast.  He was just staring at us from his Sapporo glass on the dining room shelf.  I look up from my omelet to see that Eric is snickering.  Then I look over at our "roomie on the wall" and sure enough he is trying to escape.

I thought for certain, he'd get out of there.  Up, up, up he walked.  And then.  Boom.  He fell.  He dusted himself off and tried again.  Step by step, antenna leading the way!  Sure enough he got about halfway and he then fall off or slide back down.  He must have done this a dozen times during our breakfast.

Now this has been going on since Sunday.  I had almost forgotten about him, assumed he was dead.  Because, who can live at least four days without food and water.  Well, apparently this guy can.  Because I came home today and found him...

Alive and well.  Back at it again.

He's not bothering me.  And not reproducing living in our beer glass.  The question remains though, do we let him alone in there (my science experiment brain is churring) or take him outside (aah, humanity!)?  Part of me is still secretly hoping he'll find a way out, because that would be impressive.

Oh, and if you come over for beer, you might want to double check which of the fancy glasses you pick off the wall.

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