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08 March, 2011

Mardi Maigre (Skinny Tuesday)

As part of our training for Disney, Katie, Rosemary and I did a little "Biggest Loser" challenge.  We all lost some weight, and some inches!  Rosemary won our three month competition.  With bathing suit season upon us, we agreed to do a second three-month round, and invited a few girlfriends to join!

Thus being said, I am not participating in "Mardi Gras" or as it's often incorrectly translated to "Fat Tuesday" (it's really shrove tuesday, which means to be prepared for confession) (like I am one to talk about translations, this post's title is at the mercy of Google Translations, but I digress).  People are indulgent.  With our second week of weigh-ins tomorrow, I can't afford to be indulgent.  Every day is a day to make good choices, right?

Here are a few things I made today.  Keep in mind, it is my day off from work.  I am not (that) insane.

Today's lunch (invented today)

Our meatless meal for Ash Wednesday (Weight Watchers recipe)
Our "Skinny Tuesday" Gumbo (Weight Watchers recipe)

Using today's scraps & our freezer full - to replenish our "'stock" haha (Simple Dollar recipe)

Thursday and Saturday's breakfasts (Primal Blueprint Recipe)

I love that my fridge and freezer are packed FULL of yummy, healthy meals.  I spent less than $100 on these and two more meals.  Each meal has yielded enough to eat this week and freeze for another day.  So pleased.  Let me know if you want any of these recipes and I'll feature them soon!

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  1. Egg muffin recipe please!! Those look amazing!


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