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11 March, 2011

1 Question Fridays: Is that a real job?

Ah yes, my most favorite question that I am asked at dinner parties or even around the church where I work, "Is that a real job?"  Which is inevitably followed up with "And that is a full-time position?"  To which people pause in disbelief and then ask while shaking their head, "What exactly did you study in college to do that?"

Let's start with what I am currently doing, and then get to the juicy details that all my friends in real life are so anxious awaiting.


I was a full-time high school youth minister for three years.  I ran the 9th-12th grade youth group.  We met on Sundays for two hours, plus during the week for Bible Study.  I also met once a week with the adult volunteers to play the Sunday events and retreats or trips.  Took the kids on several retreats and trips a year. Yes, lots of work.  Lots of coffee.  But after three years we had two staff members resign and thus God called me to the challenge of taking on both of them....


I wear two hats.  One is three-quarters time.  One is quarter-time.  Thus, a full-time job.  I three-quarters of my time am them middle school youth minister.  Doing as state above, but sans the direct contact with bible study...fewer trips, and less planning meetings.  My other quart-time job is preparing 180 10th grade students for their Confirmation.  This is a 10 week intensive program which includes retreats off site, and a LOT of paper work.

Soon to be.

I will be giving up my middle school hat.  This has been a year long discernment and prayer.  When Eric started his new job I felt I could finally answer the call to step down in surrender to God's will.  I will be able to continue on as an hourly-based employee leading the Confirmation program and then picking up a few little pieces as needed.  I'm at the mercy of the pastor's brainstorming and quick decision making. I am excited for this change of pace at the church.

In addition, I will be working part time for a friend who owns a landscape maintenance company.  I'll be helping him get organized (don't worry, I already asked, he said he doesn't mind pink polka dot binders and seasonally color coded spreadsheets) and doing some basic marketing.  I think this job will leave me more emotional available to serve at the Church than wearing two hats at the Church, and I get to dabble a little in some new fields and skill sets.

I feel like God is calling me to a new challenge.  I'm also learning incredible lessons in pride and humility as well as surrender.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I am trusting like Abraham that I am doing the will of God.

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