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09 December, 2014

Not-so-Pinteresty Old School Paper Chain: A Pre-Schoolers DIY Christmas Countdown

 We've been sick. Like really sick.  The natives are getting restless, but we're still too sick to venture out.
 Evie has been really into Christmas this year.  And she LOVES anything counting and calendar related these days.  I decided to use our sick day week to do a little fun project with her.  It literally took 15 minutes to organize, execute and clean.
 I used some old Christmas themed scrapbook paper (those were the days....) and our rotary paper cutter.  Evie picked out the 3 pieces of paper she liked best.
 We laid them in piles on the floor. We picked a pattern: green trees, polka dots, red loops.  It was her job to remember the pattern.  She also helped link and loop the paper. And I stapled (not even glue, remember this is Not-so-Pinteresty) the links together.
 We used masking tape to hang it on the door in the foyer.  Boom. Done.  It's not fancy, but it gets the job done. You can even number the links if you want. Or make a fancier sign. Or not have the masking tape so obvious. ha.
And Evie LOOOVED taking her link off today. Like even said "Paper link" instead of "cheese" when I took this picture. Haha. What a nut.

This activity was great because we worked on patterns, counting, and fine motor skills. Each day there is a counting lesson, lesson in patience, and subtraction lesson.

Linking up with The Charming's Easy Holiday DIY Challenge

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