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03 June, 2013

Miscellany Monday #14 - The Merry Merry Month of May

I can't believe it's June.  Let's talk for a moment.  May is always crazy. My family has coined the phrase "the merry merry month of May"  because in 1988 my grandmother turned 50, both my aunt and uncle graduated from college (in two different states), my aunt got married, and my mother gave birth to my sister.  This is in addition to things like, my pre-school graduation and Mother's Day.

This year was the 25th anniversary of the original Merry Merry Month of May.  It did not disappoint.

My grandmother turned 75, my sister turned 25, my aunt and uncle celebrated 25 years of addition to our trip to NYC, a funeral Mass for our miscarried baby, two baby showers, the worst mother's day, a trip to the cabin and the advent of toddler tandrums.  I was supposed to have two weekends of graduation parties and an ordination Mass and party, but I skipped them. I just had to.

In no particular order....our May (courtesy of phone photos!)

Evie and I spent a long weekend with my grandparents and cousins (while their parents celebrated 25 years of marriage!). She and I did a little site seeing. Though she hated the noise of the waterfalls.

Summer is here. The pool is filled. Evie refused to smile all day.

We went to a baby shower that had a drinking game out of "das boot". You're welcome.

Our suburb has started a Food Truck night on Thursdays. Live music, junk food, and family time. Yes, please.

The Welcome Wagon arrived (5 months late) with coupons to the ice cream shop in my parents neighborhood. You better believe I took Evie and cousin Connor out for a treat!

In an effort to celebrate the liturgical season Alyshia and I dressed the kids for Pentecost Sunday. They were thrilled. Clearly.

In addition to eating cleaner, I've started changing over cleaning supplies and beauty products. It's been a 2+ year haul. I discovered ava anderson through a house party and so far, I love it!

My parents cleaned out their attic. And I'll-be-damned every time I thought I cleaned out the last of my "stuff" another car load arrives.  Please let me know if you need any trophies. 

My brother had an appendectomy the week after mother's day.  It was so hard for me not to help him following the surgery, but Evie and I had 100+ fever for a few days. Yuck!

Love me some Amazon Subscribe and Save. But I should have read the quantity a little closer, we had 600 coffee filters show up on our doorstep one day. 

Hello random shark.

Pretty awesome view of downtown from my inlaws condo

Evie has taken to wearing coozies as armwarmers. I don't know.

Random photo of cupcakes for one of the baby showers :) They were delicious

Toddler tandrums. Hooray!

Yes. I bought this shirt in New York.

Foursquare makes me laugh :)

My brother and sister in law sent us flowers for the passing of our little Albert John Francis. I love the Godwink that the flowers are the colors of the Vatican ie the Francis part of the name.

Evie's track suit. That is all.

Cookie bouquet for baby Luke's shower. It was "pattern" themed...stripes, chevron, polka dots, etc. 


Well folks, I think that's about as Miscellany as it gets for this Monday!  Linking up with Carrisa over at  lowercase letters.

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